Mantis Youth

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Mantis Youths are enemies in Hollow Knight. They are young children of the Mantis Tribe, losing their ability to fly when becoming adults.[1]

Member of a proud tribe, fiercely protective of its territory. Launches stinging attacks with its needle sharp abdomen.

As it grows, it loses the ability to fly. Passage into adulthood is often celebrated, but as time goes by we realise what we have lost.

Behaviour and Tactics

Waits, clinging to a wall or ceiling to ambush the Knight. Once engaged, it hovers around just out of range of Nail attacks before winding up and lunging towards the Knight. Their range is short and easy to dodge, but they quickly hover out of range to charge up another attack.

Once the Mantis Lords are defeated, all Mantises become non-hostile towards the Knight, however, they still retaliate if attacked.

Dream Nail Dialogue


  • ...Is it child?...
  • ...Must kill...Prove strength to the tribe...
  • ...It must learn fear...


  • ...Mighty Warrior...
  • The creature, accepted...
  • ...The challenger...


They can only be found within and at the entrance of the Mantis Village.

Locations in the Fungal Wastes



  • The Mantis Youth is one of the few enemies that respawns upon leaving and re-entering the room.
  • The non-hostile Mantis Youths do not retaliate if damaged by Defender's Crest and Spore Shroom but do turn hostile if damaged by the   Dreamshield or summoned familiar such as   Grimmchild or Glowing Womb.
  • The Mantis Youths (as well as the Mantis Warriors) have different Dream Nail dialogue after the Mantis Lords have been defeated.