Soul Eater

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Soul Eater is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It greatly increases the amount of SOUL gained when hitting enemies with the Nail.


This Charm is very useful for accumulating a large amount of excess SOUL and should be considered for combat situations where it is dangerous or impossible to use the Dream Nail. It generates more SOUL per notch than Soul Catcher (the SOUL gain from Soul Eater is about triple that of Soul Catcher, at twice the notch cost), but is less flexible to slot without Overcharming.

It is often useful on Radiant difficulty battles in the   Hall of Gods as it is the only 4-notch Charm (for Overcharming purposes) that has any use on Radiant difficulty.

How to Acquire

Found in the Resting Grounds. Requires Desolate Dive/Descending Dark.

Use Desolate Dive/Descending Dark on the grave just under the Stag Station then head east in the passageway. The Charm is found next to the sarcophagus of a Snail Shaman.

Charm Combo Tips


Spell Twister
Allows the Knight to cast Spells more often by collecting SOUL faster and casting Spells at a reduced cost. Especially useful when also combined with Soul Catcher as it allows 1 hit on an enemy to acquire nearly enough SOUL to cast a Spell.

Shaman Stone
Shaman Stone's Spell damage bonus is another effective way to increase the efficiency of extra SOUL gained.

Soul Catcher
Soul Eater and Soul Catcher stack additively with each other, allowing for 22 SOUL per Nail hit for the main Vessel, which is almost enough to cast a Spell after one hit with Spell Twister.

Quick Slash
More frequent hits with the Nail accrue significantly more SOUL from this Charm.

Quick Focus
Combining with Quick Focus allows for more frequent, safer healing.

Good for a Spell-focused build as it further increases SOUL gained throughout a battle.


Deep dive