Traitors' Child

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Ahhh Le'mer, you could not know of tragedy as complete as che's, true lovers stripped apart, two worlds that could not meet.

The Traitors' Child is a spirit in Hollow Knight. She is involved in a quest to deliver a Delicate Flower to her grave.


The Traitors' Child was a mantis who was the daughter of the Traitor Lord.[2] She and Ze'mer, a member of the Five Great Knights, were lovers.[3] However, the other mantises did not approve of their union due to Ze'mer being an outsider.[4]

For unknown reasons, the Traitors' Child eventually died. She was buried in the Queen's Gardens.

In-game events

The lover of the Traitors' Child, Ze'mer, retreated to her house in the Resting Grounds and became known as the Grey Mourner. She gives the Knight a quest to deliver a Delicate Flower to the grave of the Traitors' Child as a final gift to her lover.[3] This flower has to be delivered without taking any damage.

Once the flower has been brought to her grave, the Traitors' Child appears as a spirit above her grave and bows to the Knight. She disappears after this and her spirit is not seen again.

Godmaster Content

The grave of the Traitors' Child is seen in the background of the Traitor Lord's arena when he is fought in Godhome.


Inspecting grave
Grave inscription Here sleeps the Traitors' child.


The Traitors' Child's grave is located above the Stag Station in the Queen's Gardens.

Location of the grave



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