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Spirits are the remains of a deceased bug given visible form. They are only visible in-game after acquiring the Dream Nail. All Spirits, except for the Traitors' Child, can be consumed by hitting them with the Dream Nail to acquire 1 Essence; however, this does not count towards completion and the Essence is not necessary to fully awaken the Dream Nail.

These Spirits are dream-made entities who take the shape of a bug who has passed away.[1] As such, most of them seem to be under the assumption that they are living as the bug in question. They are all encountered floating above or near the real bug's deceased body, thus many of them can be encountered in graveyards, such as the Resting Grounds. Almost all of them do not move from their spot, and offer dialogue when interacted with.

The following is a list of spirits that can only be interacted with or seen. For spirits that can be fought, see Warrior Dreams, Lost Kin, Soul Tyrant, and Failed Champion.

by Jonathan Lindblom

Location: Dirtmouth

Ehh... Another wielding a weapon. I suppose you'll be leaving many a corpse in your wake?

If you won't spare thought for the dead at least consider all the extra work you force upon those in my profession.

Do as you will little wanderer. Cut a path toward your goal.

I shouldn't complain. It's your kind that keeps folks like me in business.

Blue Child Joni
by Joni Kunelius

Location: Joni's Repose

Ahhh, I see you bear my blessing. I can't remember giving it, but my memory has been a little lacking of late.

Isn't it just so peaceful here? Such a perfect place to rest.

Main article: Blue Child Joni
The Traitors' Child
Location: Queen's Gardens

The Traitors' Child has no dialogue and only appears once, after delivering the Delicate Flower to her grave. She gives a gesture of gratitude to the Knight before disappearing.

Main article: Traitors' Child
by Revek

Location: Spirits' Glade

The bugs within this glade are under my watch. Treat them with respect and you may remain, but raise your nail and you'll contend with me.

I assure you wanderer, my nail is sharp and I'll not hold back.

Hidden Dreams content After Dream Nailing all spirits within the Glade:

The glade has stilled. It's so quiet, yet I feel... failure? In this place, I once performed a task, but what was it?.. It's so hard to recall. Surely it was important? How could I forget such a thing?

To protect? Was that my task? If so, who was I protecting? It's only you and me here.

Main article: Revek
by Makoto Koji

Location: Spirits' Glade

Buy my cookies! They're ever so tasty.

Buy my cookies! Once I've sold them all I can go home.

by Quatropus

Location: Spirits' Glade

Beware your own mind little one. Twisted minds breed dark deeds and mine was more twisted than most.

I thought it would be my end, but instead I found this glade and with it a sort of peace.

Do you think dark thoughts little one? When hidden behind a visage as impassive as your own, I find it hard to tell.

Dr Chagax
by Manoel Pereira de Queiroz

Location: Spirits' Glade

I used to help others. They were brought to me sick and dying... What difference did it make?...

Any victory against death will always be temporary.... What a gloomy thought.

by Jonathan Cowie

Location: Spirits' Glade

Don't fear little creature. Though a violent rage once possessed me the peaceful air in this place seems to keep it at bay.

My appearance should not cause you worry. Here I am truly at peace.

by José Angel Lara

Location: Spirits' Glade

Are you a warrior, little one? A true warrior is one who can stand strong in the midst of a storm.

Stand strong little warrior.

by Nick

Location: Spirits' Glade

I was once obsessed with power though my time within this glade has shed me of such desire.

What folly it was to ever crave such a vicious thing.

Seeking power is a hollow goal. Best to search for other things.

by George Rohac

Location: Spirits' Glade

We're always left with reminders of the errors we've made. Let your mistakes not burden you, but serve as guideposts on where not to travel.

These husks around my neck? They're my precious friends, always there to keep me company and much better for conversation than the rest of the odd lot around here.

by B. B. Williams

Location: Spirits' Glade

"I'll see you soon," she said, though that was long ago. I wonder where she went?

Go bother someone else. You're not the one I'm waiting for.

Hundred Nail Warrior
by John Nugent

Location: Spirits' Glade

Do you like my nails little wanderer? I carry only three, far less than legends may suggest

Still! Each is sharper than the last and I'd require only one to cut you down.

Aren't my nails the most wonderful things? Their gleaming blades so sharp and deadly.

by Karina Weber

Location: Spirits' Glade

Are you admiring my fabulous markings? I'm of a distinguished species you see, though I've not seen another like me for the longest time.

You don't seem to bear the markings of rank, though you bear no markings of a lower form.

What are you? Do tell me. Are you a higher being or just another lowly grub?

Perpetos Noo
by Perpetual Noob

Location: Spirits' Glade

Are you enjoying your time in our glade? I'd offer advice, though to have made it here you're obviously quite adept at navigating our world and its perils.

You're very impressive for such a small thing. I'm something of a warrior myself, though even I'd hesitate to raise my nail against you.

by Drew Jason Cossa

Location: Spirits' Glade

Don't fear my rotting form. Though my body sheds and changes my core remains the same.

Magnus Strong
by Jason DeGraw

Location: Spirits' Glade

All of life's problems can be solved with crushing force. Such a simple mantra and one I've always lived by.

If you weren't so scrawny, I'd suggest you follow my example.

Remember tiny bug, crush your fears; crush your problems; crush your foes.

by David Waldie

Location: Spirits' Glade

Don't judge me by appearance. Though my stature is small, I bear a dark soul and a tendency to go berserk in battle.

You wouldn't have the guts to face me anyway.


by Jeff Brooks
Location: Spirits' Glade

Hark, fellow adventurer! Are you heading out into the world? I'd join you, but it's been so long, I fear I'd lose my head.

I'm envious of you, facing this world without fear. I could stand to learn from your approach.

by Jack Ercid

Location: Spirits' Glade

Watch out!

I've an acidic touch and I wouldn't want you getting burned. It's a protection system of my kind, though something of a nuisance when it comes to meeting others.

Don't get too close. I'd not wish to cause any harm.

by Sasha Trampe

Location: Spirits' Glade

Ahh, a wanderer. I've been many places and done a great many things, but I suspect you will outdo me by far.

I've long ceased travelling the caverns of Hallownest and I suspect they're now far more dangerous than in my journeys, though with your capable air I'm sure you'll do fine.

Good luck! It's a vast world out there.

You find it strange to see a moth wielding a weapon? We are a passive species, though I am not the only one amongst us to take up arms.

Another braved the edges of this world, hoping to uncover a truth long forgotten. I wonder what became of him?

Main article: Thistlewind
by Will James

Location: Spirits' Glade

I came from far away to reach this place. Though my shell may seem foreign, beneath it I am a bug the same as you.

You too are a warrior? I see your nail, but your shell seems underdeveloped. In your current state, to travel a land as dangerous as this seems unwise.

Poggy Thorax
by Josh Clark

Location: Pleasure House, City of Tears

Skroink! You look pretty skinny. Very scrawny. That's the way to be I reckon.

Just look at me! A great big, juicy, fatty, oily... scrumptious bug. No wonder I'm so popular around here.

I've been waiting an awfully long while. Surely it's dinner time soon?

by Marissa "Blondie" Brice

Location: Pleasure House, City of Tears

Welcome to my stage little one. I am Marissa, a songstress of some renown, though given the sorry state of this place, you may find it hard to believe.

Huge crowds once flocked to hear me sing, then something changed. The audience, once so enrapt, began to leave. I continued to sing yet my voice fell silent upon their ears.

Perhaps you'd care to listen to me sing? You'll be the first in an age to hear it.

Even if only you, it's a wonderful thing to have an audience again.

Main article: Marissa
Hive Queen Vespa
Location: The Hive

Lifeblood content My Knight... At last you are freed.

Small thing. I know your kind.

If you attempt to resolve your past then know I am not the queen you seek.

It is the pale beings that bear blame for your nature.

Though this hive exists within Hallownest, we play no part in its attempt at perpetuation.

To rail against nature is folly. All things must accept an end.

Main article: Vespa
Caelif & Fera Orthop
by Juan Eduardo Peña

Location: Queen's Gardens

Isn't this just the most intriguing place? So many discoveries waiting to be made. We're about to set off ourselves, though we can't seem to agree on which way to head.

It's led to something of an argument between us. We should really stop squabbling about such petty things.

Left or right? Which way is best? It should be a simple thing, yet we're always at odds.

by Noah Sturtridge

Location: Queen's Gardens

Well now that was something! A true battle of mighty warriors. So intense. So climactic. It's really everything I could have ever hoped for.

Thanks for all your help, my friend. For a tiny bug you set a valiant example. We'll meet again, I'm sure of it.

Be on my way soon. Nola is waiting and I'm done down here. Just savouring the moment a little longer.

Main article: Cloth


"Ancient Wanderer: Appear in-game as a bug spirit in the Glade of Hope! Help create the appearance and dialogue for your spirit counterpart: Tell of a previous life, aid the Hollow Knight on his quest, or taunt him as he passes by."
  • If the Defender's Crest Charm is worn while in Poggy Thorax's secret room, a large number of hungry flies swarm around the Knight.
  • If Cloth's side quest has been followed, she shows up in the Queen's Gardens to help in the fight against Traitor Lord. The fight ends with Cloth and the Lord's demise, and Cloth's spirit can be seen and spoken to upon leaving and re-entering the room where the fight took place.
  • Dr Chagax's name might be a reference to the Brazilian Bacteriologist Carlos Chagas, who discovered the self-titled Chagas disease. This disease is spread by the Triatominae insect, also known as the Kissing Bug, which the spirit itself resembles.
  • Caelif & Fera Orthop might be named after the Caelifera suborder and the Orthoptera order of insects, which includes grasshoppers.
  • Waldie's design and dialogue may be a reference to the Berserk series. Their one open eye, single arm, and large sword are very similar to the main character's design, and 'you wouldn't have the guts to face me' mentions the main character's English name, Guts.


  1. Seer: "Sometimes dreams take the shape of those who have passed away. Such dreams are bountiful sources of Essence!"