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Steel Assassin Sharpe is an upcoming boss in Hollow Knight: Silksong, first revealed in a Kickstarter update on February 7, 2017, right before the release of Hollow Knight:

One Backer boss in particular has become a major rival character to Hornet, a mysterious Assassin Bug submitted by Jaspal Boodram. Jaspal’s assassin uses its proboscis as both a blade and a whip. We don’t want to spoil the surprises around this deadly foe, but expect several encounters throughout Hornet’s journey.[2]

More information on Sharpe was revealed in a blog post on December 12, 2018:

Saying that, folks may remember this early tease for a deadly backer boss and Hornet rival.

Who is this nefarious foe? We want to take this moment to properly introduce you to Steel Assassin Sharpe!

Sharpe is a hunter from a distant land. He’s tasked with eliminating Hornet and he’s not come alone. Sharpe brings companions on his deadly quest. Who are they? And why are they pursuing Hornet? We’ll leave you to guess at their full nature. Just know, Hornet’s gonna be fighting for her life against this highly trained trio.

Sharpe is a Kickstarter boss from Jaspal Boodram. Jaspal proposed an assassin bug with a whip-like nose and several other unique talents. And remember! All other backer bosses (and backer dungeons) will be landing alongside playable Hornet.



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