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Welcome, future wiki contributor!

Please make sure you also familiarise yourself with the Rules of Conduct and Editing Guidelines!

This page serves as a guide to help editors get started on this Wiki. Please read this article all the way through before making any edits if you are new! It will ensure that the edits you make are of the highest quality!

You are encouraged to join the Wiki Discord where contributors of the Wiki have a better line of communication.

To Do: On this page you can see what tasks are being done by whom and also where help is needed. If you wish to contribute, feel free to pick a task and mark it as yours by adding your name to it. Alternatively, you can see here for missing information.

Useful Resources


When linking to another page in the wiki, instead of using the entire URL as the link, use double brackets and simply type the name of the page. For example, the following code in the Source Editor: [[Forgotten Crossroads]] will appear as Forgotten Crossroads. When using the main editor, typing in the first pair of brackets will automatically create a pop-up window, which lets you type in the page name, tell you if the page link is valid or not, and allow you to visit the linked page directly from the editor.

You can also link to any heading or sub-heading in a page by adding a # at the end of the page name and typing in the full header name, so the following: [[Forgotten Crossroads#Sub-area: Ancestral Mound]] will appear as Forgotten Crossroads#Sub-area: Ancestral Mound.

Heading URLs can be accessed by hovering over the header name and clicking the padlock icon () that appears to the right. This automatically links you to that header, and from there you can copy-paste just the page name from your browser bar into the source code.

You can then simply delete the extra text to get Ancestral Mound. To link like this in the Source Code, add a pipe "|" character between the link path and the text you wish to add the link to: [[Forgotten Crossroads#Sub-area: Ancestral Mound|Ancestral Mound]]

Many Sub-areas and other special subheadings have their own redirect page as well, so in this case [[Ancestral Mound]] links to a page that automatically redirects to Ancestral Mound.