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Welcome, future wiki contributor!

Please make sure you also familiarise yourself with the Rules of Conduct and How-To!

This page serves as a guide to help editors get started on this Wiki. Please read this article all the way through before making any edits if you are new! It will ensure that the edits you make are of the highest quality!

You are encouraged to join the Wiki Discord where contributors of the Wiki have a better line of communication.

To-Do: On this page you can see what tasks are being done by whom and also where help is needed. If you wish to contribute, feel free to pick a task and mark it as yours by adding your name to it. Alternatively, you can see here for missing information.

General "Rules" of Thumb

  • DO ask before making new pages, most missing pages have already been made or are already planned by someone.
  • DO ask questions if you need any help or advice or if you can't find anything.
  • DO make a Sandbox Page on your user profile to test out formatting or anything else you're unsure of. This helps keep page histories from getting too messy!
  • DON'T add new categories to pages. These are being handled by the admin/mod team.
  • DON'T overwrite pronouns on pages before asking! Most things in the game are genderless (hence why they are referred to as it/they), unless explicitly stated.
  • DON'T start working on something someone else already started. If you wish to assist, contact them with the information you have rather than editing over their current work.
  • DON'T add entirely new pages surrounding Silksong content, please keep all that content on the Silksong page for the time being.

Formatting and Design

Please keep to the formatting that is already in on pages that are done.

  • Use Template:WIP (written as {{WIP}} in the editor) to denote pages or sections that are a Work in Progress.
  • If a template is usually written as an inline piece of code, all parameter names and values should be written without spaces separating them. If, instead, the template is written as a code block, there should be a space after the pipe | and exclamation mark !, as well as a space before and after the equals sign = to improve readability for other editors.
    • Correct inline code examples: {{Hr|type=small}} and {{Delete|Spam page}}
    • Correct block code examples:
{{HK Infobox NPC
| image1 = Tuk.png
| area = [[Royal Waterways]]
| gender = Female
| backer = Emily Doolan

| The water brings me everything I wish for... I just need to find it. It brought you here, too.
| Tuk

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact The Embraced One on the Wiki or on Discord: The Embraced One #6059.


Try to keep terminology and descriptions consistent throughout the wiki, using formal and impersonal language. Avoid using "you," "we," and other second-person terms, and do not use slang or colloquialisms. Avoid terms like "probably," "looks like," "clearly," "really," etc.

The following is a list of terms as they should be consistently worded (more to be added later):

  • "The Knight"/"Hornet": When referring to the character that the player controls, including physical contact and lore references. Do not refer to the player character as "the player".
    • When in doubt, try to reword the phrase to not include either one (e.g., "Retreat when [Hornet/the Knight] is low on health" could be re-written as "Retreat when low on health.").
  • Soul: All caps whenever describing Soul specifically as a gameplay mechanic. All caps is not needed for lore, enemy attacks, etc.
  • Nail: Capitalised when describing the Knight's Nail, lowercase in other instances.
  • Health: Health is denoted in "Masks" (e.g., "this attack deals 2 Masks of damage").
  • Geo: Capitalise when referring to a nonspecific amount of Geo. For Geo values, use the template {{g|<amount>}} with the amount (e.g., "Drops  75 upon defeat"). For more information on how to use the G template, check its documentation.
  • Enemy attacks: Use the present and imperfect tense when describing enemy attacks and behaviour (e.g. "Charges forward, spinning into a ball"). Only use future tense if the attack is circumstantial (e.g. "Will jump back if the Knight gets too close").
  • Controls: Always in all caps. Because the game supports both controller and keyboard inputs, button prompts are not denoted by their relative name but by the naming convention in the options menu: JUMP, ATTACK, FOCUS/CAST, DREAM NAIL, QUICK CAST, DASH, PAUSE, INVENTORY, SUPER DASH, QUICK MAP, LOOK UP/DOWN, and the directions UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT.
  • Directions: Use the cardinal directions to refer to where something is in-game (e.g., "south of Forgotten Crossroads" or "west part of Deepnest"). When combining directions, keep the word un-hyphenated ("northeast," "southwest," etc.)
  • Trivia/Lore: Unless stated in the game or by the developers, all correlations and references are possibilities, not absolutes. Preface trivia with good evidence as "likely" or "presumably" true. Please keep lore-related content on the Lore section of the Wiki.


  • Hollow Knight uses British English. This is confirmed by the developers and shown in the game numerous times. As such, the Wiki also uses British English.
  • DO add locations to pages where applicable. Please make it a gallery instead of just a simple image insert. Example: Duranda Location.
  • DO add links ONLY to the first instance of each topic mentioned in an article (you can use the same link more than once in an article, as long as the section really needs it for context).


Lore can be in a specific section of a page or on its own page within the Lore category. Generally, lore does not belong in trivia sections. All lore sentences should have an appropriate reference added at the end which provides evidence. See citation below.

Speculation and claims with no evidence have no place on the wiki. Evidence can come directly from the game, from official merchandise such as the Wanderer's Journal, or from statements of the developers.


Anything about a specific subject that does not fit into any other section on a page is considered Trivia and should be put under the Trivia heading for that page. If no Trivia section is present, you may add it to the bottom of the page. Please refer to other pages that have trivia sections for its format.

  • DO only add trivia if it is verifiable. If it is verifiable, then it should include a citation link to the source where it is mentioned.

What is trivia

  • Information about changes in game design while the developers were creating the game.
  • Inspiration that the developers took from the real world, other games, or literature.

What isn't trivia

  • General information about the game world that could fit in other sections of the article.
  • Possible inspirations that were never mentioned by the developers.
  • Coincidental similarities.
  • Personal speculation.


Where applicable, include citations with links to sources such as interviews. To do so, after the entry that the reference supports, add <ref>with a short sentence or link</ref>, for example:

On Silksong's steam page Hornet is called a "Princess Knight".<ref>Silksong Steam page</ref>

Image requirements

Please note that this wiki is not a file hosting site, so any image that is not relevant for the wiki and/or the games will be removed without prior notice. That said:

  • Overall, PNG and WEBP files are preferred over JPG files:
    • If quality is important, use PNG images.
    • If size is important, and the quality not so much, use WEBP images.
  • File extensions must be in lowercase ("PNG" should be written as "png").
  • Names should make sense, and be enumerated if needed (so ajd8f4jd0.png is an invalid name). It will be renamed or deleted depending on the image.
  • Licenses should be always specified on the file's page.

Screenshot Requirements

  • Full-screen screenshots need to have a resolution of exactly 1920x1080 (or a 16:9 aspect ratio if that size is not possible).
    • Screenshots of small segments of the screen are allowed as long as they do not include UI elements or the Knight in-view.
  • PNG files are preferred.
  • Using Debug Mod is required in order to disable the HUD, player character, player lighting, and vignette. This is only possible on PC.

How to install and use Debug Mod to take screenshots:

Installing Debug Mod
Using Debug Mod in the game
  1. Close Hollow Knight
  2. Download Lumafly
  3. Run Lumafly.exe and let it download the necessary files.
  4. Go to the "Mods" section at the top and click on "Install" next to "DebugMod", then close Lumafly once this is done.
  5. Start the game, load a save file, then pause the game.
  6. Press F1, click on "Cheats", then "Invincibility" and "Noclip". Press F1 to close the Debug Menu again. This allows you to get to areas more quickly and without being damaged by enemies. To access Stag Stations it is the easiest to disable Noclip again temporarily.
  • While in an area you want to screenshot, press the following buttons:
    • DEL: Disable the HUD
    • BACKSPACE: Disable the Knight
    • HOME: Disable player lighting
    • INSERT: Disable vignette around the screen
  • The Player lighting and vignette will automatically turn back on when there is a room transition, so make sure you turn these off again when taking a screenshot.

Location Map Requirements

For the location image of individual items (such as Love Key), use the the unmarked area maps without cropping them (example), and mark the location of the item on it using this image, without changing its size. Example image for size.

The unmarked area maps are found on each area's page, in the infobox under "unmarked".

The final map should be uploaded complying with the following naming convention:

  • Mapshot_HK_Item Name.png for Hollow Knight maps,
  • Mapshot_SS_Item Name.png for Silksong maps,
  • If necessary, you can add numbering to the end of the name, for example "Mapshot HK Isma's Tear 01.png"