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Welcome, future wiki contributor!

Please make sure you also familiarise yourself with the Rules of Conduct and Editing Guidelines!

This is a list of to-dos for the wiki with a more detailed list of tasks.

Please mark which task you started by putting "WIP" (work in progress) in the "Status" field along with your username to "User" field. When completed, please mark the task from the list as "Done". Feel free to add tasks you think should be done to this list.

You are encouraged to join the Wiki Discord where contributors of the Wiki have a better line of communication.

Instead of arguing, Encourage civilised discussions.

If you don't want to work on a specific thing, check this page to see the list of pages are missing information.

Due to changes in planning Hollow Knight and Hollow Knight: Silksong will now be kept on this wiki. The wiki is currently in a reformatting stage, as such, it would be preferable to further hold off from adding any pages related to Silksong.

Additional Content

Review = double check content is correct


To-Do Status User
Add Radiant videos and other gameplay guides to pages Halfway Done MolaMola7,


To-Do Status User
Replace location images;

Location Map Requirements

For the location image of individual items (such as Love Key), use the the unmarked area maps without cropping them (example), and mark the location of the item on it using this image, without changing its size. Example image for size.

The unmarked area maps are found on each area's page, in the infobox under "unmarked".

The final map should be uploaded complying with the following naming convention:

  • Mapshot_HK_Item Name.png for Hollow Knight maps,
  • Mapshot_SS_Item Name.png for Silksong maps,
  • If necessary, you can add numbering to the end of the name, for example "Mapshot HK Isma's Tear 01.png"

The new map image should be uploaded as a new version of the old map image by selecting "Replace" in the edit drop-down menu of the old image.

If the old map image does not follow the above mentioned naming convention, upload the new image and then select "Move" from the edit drop-down menu to give it a new name. Make sure to change the old image name to the new name on the page(s) where it is used too.

WIP UnicornMisty


To-Do Status User
Formatting. Crusade complete; All that is left is to make sure it stays correct.

Ideal Consistent Formatting

  • Achievement names in-text - Italicise the Achivement Name, link the word achievement. Example: Hitting Zote's shell grants the Neglect achievement.
    • Do not mention most achievements unless more complex than their description. (e.g. hitting zote's shell for Neglect.)
  • CP names - {Icon}Content Pack. For example: Lifeblood content Lifeblood
  • {{Main}}, {{For-text}}, {{About}}, and {{Disclaimer}}: Use {{Main}} for linking to more focused articles. Use {{For-text}} and {{About}} for disambiguation. Use {{Disclaimer}} for actual disclaimers.
  • More will be added.
Mostly Complete The Godfriend,
Useless Ackerman,
Millibelle Banking,
Nerd1729, Enter name here to volunteer