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Mods (short for Modifications) are alterations to a game's files or code in order to either adjust the experience of the existing game, or insert new/altered content into the game. This article categorizes and provides links for various Hollow Knight and Silksong mods.

Mods can only be legally installed on the PC release of the game.

Submit a Mod

Before adding a mod to the wiki, please review our Mods Guidelines!


Installers are client programs that run independently of the game, and allow for easy installation of dependencies and other mods.


Dependencies are mods that tweak various internal settings in a game's code to provide mods more flexibility.

Gameplay Changes

Gameplay Changes alter or insert functionality into the game's existing mechanics.

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Texture Swaps

Texture Swaps change the appearance of various sprites and effects in the game using a mod such as Custom Knight.

For a full list, see Texture Swaps for mods with texture swaps and Custom Knight for standalone texture swaps.

Content Packs

Content Packs add new elements into the gameplay itself.

Individual Charms List

Added Content

These mods add new versions of existing gameplay mechanics, such as bosses, areas, and Charms.

New Mechanics

These mods add completely new mechanics into the game.