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To rail against nature is folly. All things must accept an end.
– Hive Queen Vespa

Hive Queen Vespa is a spirit in Hollow Knight. She gives information on the history of the Hive.


Vespa was the queen of the Hive, a tribe that is walled off from the lands of the Pale King.[1] The Hive rejected Hallownest's attempt at perpetuation, arguing that it is pointless to go against nature. Vespa eventually grew so large that she could no longer leave the Hive.[2]

At some point in time, Vespa died, causing the Hive to become consumed by the Infection.[3]

In-game events

After Lifeblood content Hive Knight, Vespa's former protector, is defeated and the Hiveblood Charm is acquired, Vespa's spirit can be found in the same area that Hive Knight is fought. Her corpse can be seen in this room in the background.

She tells the Knight that she knows their kind, but that the pale beings, the Pale King and the White Lady, are responsible for the Knight's nature. Like all other spirits, the Dream Nail can be used on her, giving 1 Essence.

Lifeblood content Dialogue

First Encounter My Knight... At last you are freed.

Small thing. I know your kind.
If you attempt to resolve your past then know I am not the queen you seek.
It is the pale beings that bear blame for your nature.
Though this hive exists within Hallownest, we play no part in its attempt at perpetuation.

Exhausted dialogue To rail against nature is folly. All things must accept an end.


Hive Queen Vespa is located in the northeast part of the Hive.



  • Despite being a queen bee, Vespa resembles a wasp.
    • This is further emphasized by her name, as "Vespa" means "wasp" in Latin and Italian.


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