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For the Hollow Knight character and boss, see Hornet.
Hornet, princess-protector of Hallownest, finds herself alone in a vast, unfamiliar world.

Hornet is the mysterious princess-protector of Hallownest’s ruins, a major character in Hollow Knight and the playable protagonist of Hollow Knight: Silksong. She wields a Needle and thread with deadly prowess.[3]

Hornet is captured by outsider bugs and brought to their kingdom, Pharloom, but she escapes her cage before arriving at their destination. She then must battle foes and solve mysteries to ascend on a deadly pilgrimage to this kingdom's peak.

Health and Silk


Health is represented as Masks, shown in the upper-left corner of the screen. Hornet starts the game with 5 Masks and can obtain more. Health is lost by taking damage, either from enemies or from environmental hazards. Health can be regained by the use of the Bind ability consuming a full Silk spool.

Lifeblood Masks, granted by Lifeblood needles, are temporary masks.


Silk is represented as a spool below the health indicator. Thread is consumed when using special abilities, including a form of Focus named Bind. Striking enemies with the Needle fills the spool by two laces. When the spool is full, the symbol representing the side of the spool left to the health indicator is filled.

Weapon and Tools


The Needle is Hornet's main weapon. Not only can she use it to slash or block attacks against enemies, but also to dash forward, stab, and bounce up above them. She can also use it alongside her abilities to deal greater damage or as a grappling hook.


Tools are special items classed by categories, equipped on a Crest with limited slots. They can be used as throwing weapons or defensive aids without costing Silk. Crests and Tools can be changed when sitting on a Bench similar to Charms.


Abilities consume Silk thread to use them.


Hornet can collect and keep various items throughout her journey, which are stored in her inventory. They can be related to specific quests.



  • On Silksong's steam page Hornet is called a "Princess Knight".[4]


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