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Pharloom is the location where Hollow Knight: Silksong takes place.

The kingdom of Pharloom is located in a distant and withered land.[1] It is ruled and haunted by silk and song, the two powerful forces of that world.[2][3][4] Like Hallownest in its golden age, Pharloom is dedicated to faith and pilgrimage, although the gilded pin is its traditional weapon and the silk spool its symbol.[2] At the peak of the kingdom is an enormous, shining Citadel which Hornet must ascend to.[2]

Pharloom's Folly

Pharloom's Folly is a text, part of which is shown during the opening sequence of Silksong.

They see your beauty, so frail and fine,

They see your peace, woven of faith and toil,

They forget your heart, bound in slumber and servitude,

When you wake they shall see your truth,

A beast's nature bare to all.

- From 'Pharloom’s Folly' by the Conductor Romino[5]


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