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Hiveblood is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It heals the last Mask that was lost without having to use Focus. It also makes enemies in the Hive passive.


The regenerating Mask is marked by a small blob of dripping honey that slowly grows bigger. Taking damage again while regenerating starts the process over (at the Knight's current health). In the case of an attack that deals two Masks of damage (such as an explosion), Hiveblood only regenerates one Mask. Finally, healing a Mask with Focus ends the regeneration in progress.

Hiveblood does regenerate Lifeblood Masks gained from the Joni's Blessing Charm, though it takes twice as long (20s). Other sources of Lifeblood — like Lifeblood Cocoons, or the Lifeblood Heart and Lifeblood Core Charms — are not affected.

Hiveblood is decent in combat if the Knight can dodge a boss effectively, but has trouble finding opportunities to heal. As the Knight is likely to not go on the offensive while waiting for Hiveblood to regenerate health, Hiveblood pairs well with Charms that can damage foes while dodging, such as Glowing Womb or Sharp Shadow.

The best use of Hiveblood is to regenerate health in situations where SOUL is not readily available. This makes it very helpful in difficult platforming sections with few enemies, such as the Crystallised Mound in the Crystal Peak, the path to Nailmaster Sheo in Greenpath, the Nail-jumping section to reach a Vessel Fragment in Deepnest, and most prominently, the White Palace and the Grimm Troupe content Path of Pain.

It also serves as the only means by which health may be recovered mid-air, making it useful for the Colosseum of Fools.

Its ability to render the Hive's residents passive makes it very useful on return trips to the area.

How to Acquire

Located in the Hive, below the room where the Lifeblood content Hive Knight is fought. Requires defeating the Hive Knight.

Charm Synergies

Joni's Blessing
Hiveblood can regenerate Lifeblood Masks granted directly by Joni's Blessing, though it takes twice as long (20 seconds). Also changes the visuals of the Knight's Masks.

Charm Combo Tips

In combination with Grubsong it allows for regenerating SOUL infinitely albeit slowly by jumping into hazards or enemies, retreating, waiting for health to regenerate, then repeating.

Grubberfly's Elegy
Taking damage and then regenerating it with Hiveblood restores Grubberfly's Elegy's effect. However, this does not work in combination with Joni's Blessing.

Carefree Melody
Carefree Melody can prevent damage from interrupting the regeneration of Hiveblood Masks.

Deep Focus
Combined with Deep Focus, it greatly helps tackling difficult platforming challenges, especially the White Palace.

Fragile Heart
Useful to combine with Fragile Heart/Grimm Troupe content Unbreakable Heart during exploration and backtracking as Hiveblood slowly regenerates health.

Baldur Shell
Baldur Shell can prevent damage from interrupting the regeneration of Hiveblood Masks.



  • Despite the Hive enemies turning friendly while wearing Hiveblood, their Dream Nail dialogues still show hostility towards the Knight.
  • Before the Lifeblood content Lifeblood update, this Charm could be collected simply by walking through the open room after Queen Vespa's room, without having to fight the Lifeblood content Hive Knight.