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Grubsong is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It causes the Knight to gain 15 SOUL when taking damage.


A useful Charm at the cost of only one Notch as it provides a good amount of SOUL meter to use as healing in compensation for taking damage. The SOUL provided per hit is not enough for a heal on its own but combined with the SOUL gathered by striking enemies, or with other Charms that help gather SOUL faster, this Charm becomes incredibly useful for a Spell-focused build.

It also shines in difficult platforming areas where enemies are not readily available for gathering SOUL.

How to Acquire

Gifted by Grubfather after 10 Grubs have been freed.

Charm Synergies

Grubberfly's Elegy
Increases the amount of SOUL received when taking damage from 15 to 25.

Weaverlings now give the Knight SOUL when they damage enemies (3 SOUL per hit), and can even collect SOUL from enemies that normally wouldn't give any from Nail hits (such as the Collector or Siblings). SOUL can also be collected after death, but before the screen transition, allowing the Knight to wake up at a Bench with SOUL.

Charm Combo Tips

In combination with Hiveblood, it allows for regenerating SOUL infinitely, albeit slowly, by jumping into hazards or enemies, retreating, waiting for health to regenerate, then repeating.

Deep Focus
Combined with Deep Focus or Hiveblood, it greatly helps to tackle difficult platforming challenges, especially the White Palace.

Soul Catcher
Good for a Spell-focused build as it further increases SOUL gained throughout a battle.

Soul Eater
Good for a Spell-focused build as it further increases SOUL gained throughout a battle.

Spell Twister
Reducing the cost of Spells allows more casts with the SOUL gained. Especially useful combined with Grubberfly's Elegy.


Deep dive


  • The amount of Mask damage taken in one hit does not impact the amount of SOUL gained, as it always grants 15 SOUL (25 with Grubberfly's Elegy).