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Spore Shroom is a Charm in Hollow Knight. When using Focus, it releases a cloud of damaging spores around the Knight.


Spore Shroom is useful to damage slow or static enemies after healing for a decent amount of damage, ignoring shields. This makes the Charm very effective against Crystal Hunters, Stalking Devouts, Heavy Sentries, and other enemies, as well as in the confined arena in the Colosseum of Fools.

It has great use in the Broken Vessel and the Lost Kin fights, as the spore cloud instantly kills the Infected Balloons spawned during the fights.

It damages neutral enemies of Mantis Village and The Hive, turning them aggressive. It also damages Oomas, triggering their explosion, so it is recommended to not heal near them.

Wearing Spore Shroom allows the Knight to understand the mushroom language, in particular:

After using Spore Shroom, it cannot be used again for 4.25 seconds, or until the Knight takes damage.

How to Acquire

This Charm is located in the Fungal Wastes near a pool of acid, close to the entrances to the Queen's Gardens and Deepnest. Requires Mantis Claw.

Charm Synergies

Defender's Crest
Defender's Crest increases the damage of the spore cloud, now dealing ~40 damage while still lasting 4.1 seconds.[Note 1] Also changes the visuals of the cloud.

Deep Focus
Increases the spore cloud radius by 35%.



Shape of Unn default

With Baldur Shell

With Spore Shroom

With both


  1. 1.0 1.1 Without any Charms, Spore Shroom deals damage every 0.15 seconds. With Defender's Crest, it deals 2 damage every 0.2 seconds.