Lore Tablets (Hollow Knight)

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Hollow Knight Silksong

This page lists all Lore Tablets found in Hollow Knight. Click on the images to zoom.

Ancient Basin
Text Tablet Location

Higher beings, these words are for you alone.
Our pure Vessel has ascended.
Beyond lies only the refuse and regret of its creation.
We shall enter that place no longer.

Lore Ancient Basin 1.png
Lore Ancient Basin 1 location.png

A true servant gives all for the Kingdom.
Let Hallownest's Pale King relieve you of your burden.

Lore Ancient Basin 2.png
Lore Ancient Basin 2 location.png
City of Tears

The great gates have been sealed.
None shall enter.
None shall leave.

Lore City of Tears 1.png
Lore City of Tears 1 location.png

In the Black Vault far above.
Through its sacrifice Hallownest lasts eternal.

Lore City of Tears 2.png
Lore City of Tears 2 location.png

Songstress Marissa
A voice to ease all burdens and still all troubled minds.

Lore City of Tears 3.png
Lore City of Tears 3 location.png

Gone out to clear my head. Will be back soon. If you have something you absolutely must sell, come find me in Fountain Square.

Lore City of Tears 4.png
Lore City of Tears 4 location.png
Soul Sanctum

Record Aba
The mind still limits us so.
How to break past its constraints?
To attain a pure focus, is it even possible?

Lore Soul Sanctum 1.png
Lore Soul Sanctum 1 location.png

Record Cenda
Spare thought for those consumed.
Through their grace we are evolved.
No plague of mind shall overcome us now.

Lore Soul Sanctum 2.png
Lore Soul Sanctum 2 location.png
Watcher's Spire

Sleep beckons eternal and these words become my last.
Though my gaze shall no longer fall upon this city, I will act forever in its protection.
For King, for bug, for Hallownest, I head now to my rest.

Lore Watcher's Spire.png
Lore Watcher's Spire location.png

For all your mapping supplies, we will be opening soon.
- Iselda & Cornifer

Lore Dirtmouth 1.png
Lore Dirtmouth 1 location.png

See: Bretta's Diary Entries

Lore Dirtmouth 2.png
Lore Dirtmouth 2 location.png
King's Pass

Higher beings, these words are for you alone.
Your great strength marks you amongst us. Focus your soul and you shall achieve feats of which others can only dream.

Lore Kings Pass 1.png
Lore Kings Pass 1 location.png

Higher beings, these words are for you alone.
Within our lands do not hide your true form. Let all bask in your majesty, for only this kingdom could produce ones such as you.

Lore Kings Pass 2.png
Lore Kings Pass 2 location.png

Higher beings, these words are for you alone.
Beyond this point you enter the land of King and Creator.
Step across this threshold and obey our laws.
Bear witness to the last and only civilisation, the eternal Kingdom.

Lore Kings Pass 3.png
Lore Kings Pass 3 location.png
Fog Canyon


Lore Teachers Archives 1.png
Lore Teachers Archives 1 location.png


Lore Teachers Archives 2.png
Lore Teachers Archives 2 location.png


Lore Teachers Archives 3.png
Lore Teachers Archives 3 location.png
Forgotten Crossroads

The Pilgrim's Way
Travellers of Hallownest, descend through verdant wilds and fungal groves to the city at this kingdom's heart.
There all wishes shall be granted, all truths revealed.

Lore Forgotten Crossroads.png
Lore Forgotten Crossroads location.png

See: Menderbug's Journal

Lore Forgotten Crossroads 2.png
Lore Forgotten Crossroads 2 location.png

Vessel. Though bound, you shall know the state of the world.
Hallownest will be whole again.

Lore Temple of the Black Egg.png
Lore Temple of the Black Egg location.png
Fungal Wastes

This border bounds the twisting, scratching things.
Their dead sire, once of honoured caste.
Their sealed mother, but the common beast.
No peace with them we make.

Lore Fungal Wastes 1.png
Lore Fungal Wastes 1 location.png

Strength in the shared self.
Strength in the mind united.
In every bug that would pass upon our roads,
only the melancholy of disparity.

Lore Fungal Wastes 2.png
Lore Fungal Wastes 2 location.png

Warily shall we accept the will of the Wyrm.
Its prescience shields us.
Fate and Future we shall entwine.

Lore Fungal Wastes 3.png
Lore Fungal Wastes 3 location.png

Here ends the Pilgrim's Way.
Hallownest's Heart lays open before you.
Proceed onward to share in its glory.

Lore Fungal Wastes 5.png
Lore Fungal Wastes 5 location.png
Fungal Core

Pity those bugs.
Minds locked. Thoughts trapped in solitude.
Faint shadow of an idea are the words that attempt its utterance.

Lore Fungal Wastes 4.png
Lore Fungal Wastes 4 location.png
Mantis Village

Wanderers seeking death, welcome.
May you find swift end upon our claws.

Lore Mantis Village 2.png
Lore Mantis Village 2 location.png

The truce remains.
Our vigil holds.
The beasts are kept at bay.

Lore Mantis Village 1.png
Lore Mantis Village 1 location.png

Hidden Unn, we need you now.
We grow tired away from you.
Our leaves are falling.

Lore Greenpath 6.png
Lore Greenpath 6 Location.png

From moss and leaf our life is drawn.
While it grows upon the path we shall never wilt.

Lore Greenpath 1.png
Lore Greenpath 1 location.png

The greater mind once dreamed of leaf and cast these caverns so.
In every bush and every vine the mind of Unn reveals itself to us.

Lore Greenpath 2.png
Lore Greenpath 2 location.png

The Green Children walked from the dream unto these lands.
Here we now shall wait, patient, for the call to return.

Lore Greenpath 3.png
Lore Greenpath 3 location.png

Though once our lands, a pale being lays claim to the caverns ahead.
It may appear benevolent but it does not share our dream.
Be wary to wander that place.

Lore Greenpath 4.png
Lore Greenpath 4 location.png

Those who stray from the White King's roads shall face the law of Unn.

Lore Greenpath 5.png
Lore Greenpath 5 location.png
Howling Cliffs

Higher beings, these words are for you alone.
These blasted plains stretch never-ending. There is no world beyond.
Those foolish enough to traverse this void must pay the toll and relinquish the precious mind this kingdom grants.

Lore Howling cliffs.png
Lore Howling cliffs location.png
Kingdom's Edge

We speak the path of the Master Herald, he who would signal an Age's end.
Spawn of self, their minds unite,
Aside the source of acid blight,
Aglow in darkest, winding depths,
Winds all howl above fossilstone steps,
Monarchflys in airs set still,
To Root's domain and snail once shrill,
Path of Wyrm, at new lands entered
There journeys end. The kingdom ventured.

Lore Kingdoms Edge.png
Lore Kingdoms Edge location.png
Colosseum of Fools

Trial of the Warrior. Fight for Geo and a Charm Notch.
Place a mark and begin the Trial?

Lore Kingdoms Edge 02.png
Mapshot HK Zote 05.png

Trial of the Conqueror. Fight for Geo and a rare metal.
Place a mark and begin the Trial?

Lore Kingdoms Edge 03.png
Mapshot HK Zote 05.png

Trial of the Fool. Fight for Geo... and the glory of being a Fool.
Place a mark and begin the Trial?

Lore Kingdoms Edge 04.png
Mapshot HK Zote 05.png
Queen's Gardens

Here sleeps the Traitors' child.

Lore Queen's Gardens.png
Lore Queen's Gardens location.png
Resting Grounds

To protect the Vessel, the Dreamers lay sleeping.

Monomon the Teacher
In her Archive, surrounded by fog and mist.

Lurien the Watcher
In his Spire, looking over the city.

Herrah the Beast
In her Den, amidst the deep darkness beyond the kingdom.

Through their devotion, Hallownest lasts eternal.

Lore Resting Grounds.png
Lore Resting Grounds location.png
Shrine of Believers
See: Shrine of Believers Tablets
Lore Shrine of Believers.png
Lore Shrine of Believers location.png
Royal Waterways

Only those who prove their honour in combat may enter the grove beyond.
-The Defender

Lore Royal Waterways.png
Lore Royal Waterways location.png
White Palace

VOID, yours is the power opposed.
But yours is potential, eternity potential, force that could deny Time.
VOID, harness shall be placed upon you.

Lore White Palace 1.png
Lore White Palace 1 location.png

No blazing kin. Only one light shall shine against the dark.
The Wyrm becomes beacon, minds expanded, to yield, to devote.
Eternity in promise and charge in progeny cursed.

Lore White Palace 2.png
Lore White Palace 2 location.png
Grimm Troupe content Path of Pain
To witness secrets sealed, one must endure the harshest punishment.
Lore White Palace 3.png
Lore White Palace 3 location.png