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Longnail is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It increases the range of the Nail by 15%.


Nail Range Comparison

It is useful for keeping distance from more dangerous enemies and for performing safer Nail-bounces.

While it has a slightly shorter range than the Mark of Pride Charm, it is acquired with less challenge and has a lower Notch cost. In most normal combat, the range difference is negligible.

It does not affect the range of Nail Arts or Grubberfly's Elegy.

How to Acquire

Bought from Salubra in the Forgotten Crossroads for  300.

  • Shop description:
That nail you wield is adorable! But do you sometimes feel it could be a little... longer?
Ho! Ho ho ho! Go on, take this charm home with you. Suddenly, your enemies will be within reach...

Charm Combo Tips

Mark of Pride
Stacks additively with Mark of Pride to increase Nail range by 40% total.

Quick Slash
Useful to keep enemies consistently within melee range while attacking.

Steady Body
Allows the Knight to keep the pressure on enemies who like to keep their distance.



  • Longnail increases the range of the Nail by expanding the wearer's aura.[1]


  1. Does not affect the range of Nail attacks made while wall-sliding.