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Shaman Stone is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It increases the damage of Spells and the size of Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul.[Note 1]


Since it increases Spell damage by 33-51% depending on the Spell, it is incredibly powerful, as it can be used to one-shot many enemies from safe ranges, or to deal more Spell damage to bosses.

Shaman Stone is incredibly useful for speedrunning, not only because of the damage boost it gives to Spells, but also because of how fast and easy it is to acquire compared to other damage sources like Fragile Strength, Quick Slash, or Pale Ore.

How to Acquire

Bought from Salubra for  220 in the Forgotten Crossroads.

  • Shop description:
Are you a spellcaster, you little scoundrel? Ho ho! I'm only teasing.
If you ever learn any spells you should buy this charm for yourself. I've heard it will make a spell much stronger!

Charm Combo Tips

Joni's Blessing
Since using this Charm is for Spell-casting-focused builds, it can be useful in combination with Joni's Blessing in battles where healing is difficult or impossible.

Spell Twister
Useful to use in combination with Spell Twister since it reduces the SOUL cost of Spells.

Soul Eater
Soul Eater works extremely well in combination with Shaman Stone as it allows for more frequent casting of Spells.

Soul Catcher
Soul Catcher works well in combination with Shaman Stone as it allows for more frequent casting of Spells.

Shaman Stone increases the damage to 5 (from 4), resulting in a total damage of 45 with Vengeful Spirit and 80 with Shade Soul. Fluke projectiles are also, on average, 31.9% bigger.[Note 2] Shaman Stone only affects the Defender's Crest + Flukenest combo by increasing the damage frequency, allowing for ~29 damage.[Note 3]


Deep dive


  1. 1.0 1.1 The width of the projectile is increased by 30% and the height by 60%.
  2. Without any Charms, the size multiplier for the fluke projectiles is a random number between 0.7 and 0.9. With Shaman Stone, the multiplier is a random number between 0.9 and 1.2.
  3. Without Shaman Stone, the Defender's Crest + Flukenest combo deals damage every 0.1 seconds. With Shaman Stone, it deals damage every 0.075 seconds.