Soul Catcher

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Soul Catcher is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It increases the amount of SOUL gained when hitting enemies with the Nail.


One of the earliest Charms available in the game. Its effect is not drastic but it remains useful for quite a long time for healing purposes, especially in areas where enemies have attacks that are difficult to avoid or SOUL is scarce.

How to Acquire

Found at the very end of the Ancestral Mound, after killing the Elder Baldur.

Charm Combo Tips

Shaman Stone
Provides a fast regeneration rate for powerful Spells.

Soul Eater
Soul Eater and Soul Catcher stack additively with each other, allowing for 22 SOUL per Nail hit for the main Vessel, which is almost enough to cast a Spell after one hit with Spell Twister.

Spell Twister
Reducing the cost of Spells allows more casts with the extra SOUL gained.

Quick Focus
Combining with Quick Focus allows for more frequent, safer healing.

Good for a Spell-focused build as it further increases SOUL gained throughout a battle.

Quick Slash
More frequent hits with the Nail accrue significantly more SOUL from this Charm.


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