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Sharp Shadow is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It damages enemies when dashing through them and increases dash length when using the Shade Cloak.[Note 1]


Enemies struck by the Sharp Shadow do not generate SOUL.

Sharp Shadow can harm enemies that are immune to Nail attacks.

Be warned that while the 40% increase to dash length can be useful against certain bosses, making it easier to dash through them and their attacks, it can also make some platforming sections more difficult.

How to Acquire

Located in Deepnest, southeast of the Hot Spring behind a Shade Gate. Requires Shade Cloak.

Charm Synergies

Increases the damage dealt by the shadow to 1.5 x Nail damage. Does not affect charge or cooldown time.[Note 2]



  • When using the Shade Cloak with Sharp Shadow the Knight turns into a six-eyed void creature for a split second before reverting back to normal.
  • The pedestal on which the Sharp Shadow Charm is found resembles an empty Soul Totem covered with twisted black vines of what is possibly Void.
  • Shadow Dashing through an Ooma while using Sharp Shadow causes its explosive core to always go to the right, independently of the direction the Knight dashes. This effect is also present in the bodies of enemies killed by the Shadow Dash (though it's much easier to see in flying enemies). Whether this is intentional or a bug in the in-game physics is unknown.
  • When using the Godmaster content Nail Binding in any Godmaster content Pantheon, Sharp Shadow's damage is not affected. Its damage is also not affected by the Fragile Strength/Grimm Troupe content Unbreakable Strength and Fury of the Fallen Charms.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Without any Charms, dash length is 5.6. With Sharp Shadow, it is 7.84.
  2. The damage is rounded to the nearest integer; for all possible values this is identical to rounding up.