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...Void... Power... Without unity...

Void is a substance that is generally found in the Abyss. It plays a major role in Hallownest's history and in current events.

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Void inherently opposes light and is often referred to as darkness and shadow.[1][2][3][4] It also opposes Higher Beings like the Radiance and the Pale King who are both described as a light.[5][6]

Hostile tendrils in the sea of Void

Void has a certain potential when it is unified.[7] When not unified, the Void attacks anything indiscriminately.[8] Yet in this state, the Void can still be suppressed by light sources such as a lighthouse filled with lumaflies.

Once the Void is united under one will, it no longer attacks aimlessly and can instead challenge and defeat the source of the Infection.[9][10]


Void exists primarily in two states, as a liquid and as a substance given form.[11][12] The largest amount of liquid Void is the sea of Void at the bottom of the Abyss. When the Void is not unified and when light does not shine upon the liquid in the Abyss, it lashes out with sharp tendrils towards intruders.[13][8] If the Void is unified or light is shone upon the liquid, it remains perfectly still.[11]

Shades in the Abyss

As a substance given form, Void mainly exists in specific life forms. These can be beings that consist entirely out of Void, such as the Collector, Shades, and the Void Entity.[14][15] Void can also take a form within the shell or armour of life forms, which is the case for the Vessels, the Kingsmoulds, and the Wingmoulds, who have an interior filled with Void.[16][17][18]

Outside of life forms, Void can take the shape of a Shade Gate, which is a barrier that consists of Void.


Corpses in Ancient Basin with Void streaks

Void has an effect on living beings and on certain objects. The sea of Void called to the lighthouse keeper in the Abyss to turn off the light.[19] It also appears to have killed various bugs found throughout Ancient Basin and the bug which holds the Love Key in the Queen's Gardens, who all have Void leaking from their eyes.

Soul Totem corrupted by Void

The Soul Totem upon which the Sharp Shadow Charm is found seems to have been corrupted by Void. It has Void tendrils attached to it, and the totem itself has become darker in colour. The egg found in the Birthplace area in the Abyss similarly has Void tendrils connected to it.


Ancient times

A bug holding a bowl of Void

In the distant past, the Void used to be worshipped by an ancient civilisation.[1] This civilisation also made the Soul Totems, the Arcane Eggs and the Void Idol.[20][1] At some point, this ancient civilisation disappeared due to an unknown cause.

The Radiance is the ancient enemy of the Void.[21] It is not known whether there was an actual conflict between the two or during which time they became enemies.

Arrival of the Pale King

Sometime after the Pale King arrived in Hallownest, he discovered the Void in the Abyss. He built a lighthouse on top of a natural spire near the sea of Void which was used to suppress the Void.[22][23] The Pale King took Void from the sea and used it in his workshop in the White Palace to create constructs that have Void within them, the Kingsmoulds and Wingmoulds.[3][17][18]

The Pale King's workshop in the White Palace

When the Infection first appeared in the kingdom, the Pale King turned to the Void to seal away the Radiance, who was the source of the Infection.[24][3] He and the White Lady had countless children together who were born in the Abyss, which turned them into beings who have Void inside their natural shell.[25][26][16][27]

The Pale King chose one of these children, the Hollow Knight, to be the Vessel that would seal the Radiance inside themself.[24] At an unknown point after being sealed inside the Temple of the Black Egg, it became clear that the Hollow Knight could not contain the Radiance forever, leading to the ruin of the kingdom.[28][29]

In-game events

Void Heart

After remembering their past and accepting the Void inside themself, the Knight obtains Void Heart.[30][31] Void Heart allows them to unite the Void under their will.[32] The Knight is then also referred to as "Lord of Shades".[33] Void Heart causes the Void Tendrils and the Siblings in the Abyss to become passive, as well as the Knight's own Shade.

Dream No More ending

Void and Siblings in the Radiance fight

In the Dream No More ending, the Knight pulls the Void and the Siblings into the fight with the Radiance. At the end of the fight, tendrils of Void grab the Radiance, after which the Shade of the Hollow Knight opens a weak spot on the Radiance's face.

The Knight then breaks their shell and attacks the Radiance in their Shade form. The Radiance is subsequently pulled into the Void and consumed by it.[34] Finally, the Shades in the Abyss are seen going back inside the ground.

Godmaster content Embrace the Void endings

In Godhome, Void Heart is required to enter the Pantheon of Hallownest. Inside this Pantheon, the Knight pulls the Void into the fight with the Absolute Radiance, similar to how it plays out with the regular Radiance. However, the Siblings are nowhere to be seen during the fight.

Void Entity and Godseeker

At the end of the fight, the Knight turns into the Void Entity. This being grabs the Absolute Radiance and completely destroys her, making her explode into Essence. Void is shown streaming downwards into the area where Godseeker was observing the fight. The Void Entity moves towards Godseeker and wraps tendrils around her.

If a Delicate Flower was not given to Godseeker, Void leaks from her body in the Junk Pit. Tendrils then appear to burst from her body, after which the scene ends. If a Delicate Flower was given to her, Void tendrils similarly explode from her body, but a white flash appears from the flower. Godseeker and the Void disappear, leaving only the Flower behind.

Void beings with exterior

The following is a list of Void beings who have a shell or armour and Void within that.

Kingsmoulds are Void constructs with white armour made by the Pale King in his workshop in the White Palace.[3][17] They served as guards in the Palace.[17]
Vessels are children of the Pale King and the White Lady who were born in the Abyss.[25][26][27] Consequently, they have a natural shell with Void inside.[16] Notable Vessels include the Hollow Knight, who was chosen to seal the Radiance, and the Knight, the playable character.
Wingmoulds are flying Void constructs with a white shell made in the Pale King's workshop.[18] It is not clear for which purpose they were created.

Void beings without exterior

The following is a list of Void beings who have no shell or armour.

The Collector
The Collector is a powerful Void being that resides in the Tower of Love. It is responsible for the capture of the captive grubs that can be found throughout Hallownest.[35]
The Knight's Shade and the Siblings are the Void forms that exist inside Vessels. The Shade is let loose after a Vessel's shell breaks.[36][37] Many roam the bottom of the Abyss and the Birthplace area.
Godmaster content Void given Focus
Also known as "Shade Lord" in the game's files, Void given Focus is a colossal being of pure Void that the Knight transforms into upon completing the Pantheon of Hallownest. Referred to as "God of Gods" by Godseeker.[38]
Void given Form
The Knight transforms into this being upon defeating the Radiance in the Temple of the Black Egg. It resembles the Knight's Shade but with longer tendrils emanating from it.
Void Tendrils
Void Tendrils are fragments of Void that are found in pools in the Abyss and in the sea of Void.[39] An imprint of them can be found engraved into a rock in the Abyss.[12]


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