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Godmaster Content

By what right dost thou trespass here, in this home of the Gods? Shrivel away and begone! Begone!
– Godseeker

Godhome is an area that is located in the Dream Realm. It has several locations where bosses can be fought.


Godhome's architecture generally consists of gold-coloured pillars and archways. It has clouds in the background and yellow-gold dreamcatchers fading in and out throughout the area. Golden leaves cover some of the rooms.

Pillars near the entrance

The west part of Godhome contains the entrance and exit of the area. There are pillars which lead to the main atrium. This atrium holds the five Pantheons where bosses can be fought in a certain order once they are unlocked. The lower atrium has four of the five Pantheons, with a Bench in the upper part. The lowest part of the atrium contains the Hall of Gods, a Lifeblood door which unlocks after finishing Pantheons with Bindings equipped, and a Hot Spring in the very south-east.

The first three Pantheons

The upper part of Godhome's atrium is unlocked after completing the Pantheon of the Knight and then striking the structure above this Pantheon. It contains another Hot Spring and the Pantheon of Hallownest at the very top. A Bench can be accessed by dropping down on the east side of this Pantheon. The entrance to the Land of Storms, a sub-area of Godhome, is located on the west part of the upper Hot Spring. It can be opened after completing all Pantheons with all Bindings and then dropping down on the west side of the Pantheon of Hallownest.


The Land of Storms

Godhome exists in the mind of the Godseeker. Godseeker's physical body is located in the Junk Pit, but inside Godhome she and the other Godseekers are present. The Godseekers are originally from a land called the Land of Storms where they served the Gods of Thunder and Gods of Rain.[1] At some point their gods forsook them, prompting the Godseekers to find new gods, which they searched for in Hallownest.[1][2]

The Godseekers use Godhome to attune themselves to the voices of the gods through ritual combat in order to ascend ever higher.[3][4] They aim to use their Godly focus to find a God of Gods.[5][6]

How to access

Godseeker's cocoon in Junk Pit

Godhome can be accessed by using the Dream Nail on Godseeker in the Junk Pit. Godseeker can be freed from her cocoon by using a Simple Key.

To reach the Junk Pit, the Desolate Dive/Descending Dark Spell has to be used on the ground below the Bench in the Royal Waterways. The Junk Pit can be entered by destroying a breakable wall near Flukemarm's location.

Sub-area: Land of Storms

After clearing all Pantheons and filling out all the Binding notches for each Pantheon (Master, Artist, Sage, Knight, and Hallownest), a crack opens in the wall of a secret area. This area is accessible by dropping off the left side and hugging the wall of the platform on which the Pantheon of Hallownest is found.

The Land of Storms is a small, near-empty sub-area with a singular path that leads through post-apocalyptic ruins. The atmosphere is also accompanied by howling winds, thunder and distant lightning. Additionally, the path is littered with the masks of Godseekers. Once reaching the end, the Knight is greeted with an airy room with the corpses of 2 massive figures looming in the background, these are possibly the "Gods of Thunder" and "Gods of Rain". On the ground is an item. Upon inspecting, it unlocks the Journal entry for the Weathered Mask.

Special Rooms

Hall of Gods

The Hall of Gods is a massive room filled with the statues of previously encountered Bosses now under the name of "Gods". It is found at the very bottom level of Godhome. Each boss can be re-fought here an unlimited number of times with three different difficulties: Attuned, Ascended, and Radiant. When a new statue of a boss has just been unlocked the circle outside of the Hall of Gods and to the upper right of the door glows.

Locked Lifeblood Room

Located on the bottom floor of the first area within the Godhome, to the left of the Hall of Gods doorway.

The notches represent the total number of unique Bindings earned/collected throughout the Pantheons. Completing any Pantheon with an active Binding fills in the notches surrounding the locked door unless that Binding was already collected.

Reaching the first major notch opens the door and grants Lifeblood Masks when partaking in the Pantheons, while reaching consecutive major notches increases the number of Lifeblood Masks granted.

For more gameplay details and information, see Lifeblood Cocoon.

Tuner Memory

When using the Dream Nail on the Godseeker in the Junk Pit after completing the first three Pantheons, there is a 2% chance that, instead of being transported to Godhome, the Knight finds themself in this memory. The area contains an open space that bears a resemblance to the Howling Cliffs. Moving west leads to the Godseeker who is partially hidden in the background. At the end of this area is a temporary tuning device which can be inspected, after which the Knight is transported out of the memory and into Godhome. After entering it for the first time, this area cannot be entered again.


For a gallery of Pantheon rooms, see Pantheon Arenas.


  • An optional difficult platforming area similar to the Grimm Troupe content Path of Pain was originally planned for Godhome. It was ultimately not added because it took away from the fact that the Path of Pain was the secret high level challenge and due to it being thematically disconnected from what Godmaster is about.[7]


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