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Godmaster Content

Seek the Kingdom's Forgotten Light

The Pantheon of Hallownest is the fifth and final Pantheon in Godhome. Access to this Pantheon is unlocked after completing the Pantheon of the Knight. Instead of tuning bosses, the Void Heart Charm must be acquired to enter it.

Enemies in this Pantheon are harder versions compared to the previous Pantheons. The number of enemies per fight and arena layouts are changed to their Ascended difficulty version in the Hall of Gods. However, they retain the same amount of health and do their usual amount of damage.

Completing this Pantheon gives either of the two endings added with the Godmaster update, depending on whether a Delicate Flower has been given to the Godseeker.

Despite its name, the Pantheon of Hallownest does not contain every boss in Hallownest. Nosk, Hollow Knight, Radiance, Mantis Lords, and Zote do not appear, though all are replaced by their stronger variants. There are 42 bosses in total that have to be fought in this Pantheon.

Room # Room Type Contains
1 Fight
2 x Vengefly King (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
2 Fight
Gruz Mother (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
3 Fight
False Knight
4 Fight
Massive Moss Charger
5 Fight
Hornet (Protector)
6 Non-combat room
The Godseeker
7 Fight
Gorb (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
8 Fight
Dung Defender
9 Fight
Soul Warrior (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
10 Fight
Brooding Mawlek (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
11 Fight
Brothers Oro & Mato
12 Resting Spot
Hot Spring and Bench
13 Fight
Xero (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
14 Fight
Crystal Guardian
15 Fight
Soul Master
16 Fight
17 Fight
Sisters of Battle
18 Resting Spot
Hot Spring and Bench
19 Fight
Marmu (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
20 Fight
21 Fight
Broken Vessel
22 Fight
23 Fight
Paintmaster Sheo
24 Resting Spot
Hot Spring and Bench
25 Fight
Hive Knight (Starts in Phase 3)
26 Fight
Elder Hu
27 Fight
The Collector (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
28 Fight
God Tamer
29 Fight
Troupe Master Grimm
30 Resting Spot
Hot Spring and Bench
31 Non-combat room
The Godseeker (Unn)
32 Fight
6 x Watcher Knight
33 Fight
Uumuu (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
34 Fight
Winged Nosk
35 Fight
Great Nailsage Sly
36 Fight
Hornet (Sentinel)
37 Resting Spot
Hot Spring and Bench
38 Fight
Enraged Guardian
39 Fight
Lost Kin
40 Fight
No Eyes (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
41 Fight
Traitor Lord
42 Fight
White Defender
43 Resting Spot
Hot Spring and Bench
44 Non-combat room
The Godseeker (White Lady)
45 Fight
Soul Tyrant
46 Fight
Markoth (Ascended/Radiant Arena)
47 Fight
Grey Prince Zote (Level 3)

(Skipped if Zote was left to die in Greenpath or if Grey Prince Zote was not defeated in the base game)

48 Fight
Failed Champion
49 Fight
Nightmare King Grimm
50 Resting Spot
Hot Spring and Bench
51 Non-combat room
The Godseeker (Pale King)
52 Fight
Pure Vessel
53 Fight
Absolute Radiance


General tips

  • Practice all bosses in the Hall of Gods. It is helpful to practice on Ascended difficulty, since the Ascended arena is also the arena of many bosses in the Pantheon.
  • Complete Bindings in the previous Pantheons to get Lifeblood masks in the resting stops.
  • Using Spells is recommended for many bosses in this Pantheon.
  • The following Charms are especially useful:

Boss-specific tips

  • The Collector: Use Great Slash and Cyclone Slash to deal with the summons. Shade Soul is recommended when many summons spawn at once.
  • False Knight/Failed Champion: Stay inside a stagger for as long as needed by hitting the armour during a stagger. This resets the stagger timer without damaging the maggot, which gives enough time for a Dream Nail hit or a Focus, especially if the Dream Wielder and Quick Focus Charms are equipped. The final stagger lasts indefinitely, so there is no need to hit the armour.
  • Markoth: Save SOUL when fighting Markoth in the first phase, in order to spam Shade Soul during the second phase. Dash Slash and Great Slash can also be useful.


Discussions about the pantheon, does not include Absolute Radiance


{S} Embrace the Void
Ascend the Pantheon of Hallownest and take your place at its peak.


  • Because access to this Pantheon is locked solely behind completion of all prior Pantheons and having Void Heart, it is possible to encounter Nightmare King Grimm for the first time within this Pantheon, without having fought him elsewhere.
  • When this Pantheon is approached, the word Ascend appears, unlike the other four Pantheons or the enemies in Hall of Gods, where Challenge appears instead.
  • Upon completing this Pantheon, the time it took for completion is not seen like in the other Pantheons, unless on Godseeker Mode.
  • If this Pantheon is completed without getting hit, the jewel outside the Pantheon glows, but less than when completed with all four bindings enabled simultaneously. This is not visible if it has been completed with all four bindings simultaneously before on that savefile, as the larger glow overwrites this one.


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