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Patriarch of a vengefly colony. Swoops at intruders and cries out for reinforcements if threatened.

A filthy creature that is happy to chew on any old thing it finds discarded on the cavern floor. When it notices a threat it will annoyingly scream and shriek, so kill it swiftly.

The Vengefly King is an optional mini-boss in Hollow Knight as well as a Colosseum of Fools mini-boss. Unlocking its Journal entry requires defeating 2 Vengefly Kings.

In-game events

Vengefly Kings are the territorial patriarchs of Vengeflies and are native to Greenpath.[1] One can be encountered above the roads of Greenpath, hanging on the ceiling and chewing on Zote. Harming it prompts it to release Zote and fight the Knight. Upon defeat, the Infection bursts out of it and makes it explode. If Zote is not released before either acquiring the Mantis Claw, entering either of the rooms between Lemm and Cornifer in the City of Tears, or entering the Deepnest Hot Spring room, the Vengefly King eats him and disappears.

One more Vengefly King can be fought during the Trial of the Warrior.

Behaviour & Tactics

The Vengefly King has two attacks:

  • Swipe: The Vengefly King opens its jaw and swoops at the Knight in a wide 'U' shape.
  • Summoning Scream: The Vengefly King emits a screech, summoning between 0 and 2 Vengeflies. A maximum of 4 Vengeflies can be alive at once.

The Vengefly King in the Colosseum of Fools never uses the Summoning Scream attack.

If it opens its mouth to Swipe, wait until it starts moving and jump over it as it approaches. Either perform a downward slash to get in some damage or simply avoid it.

When it summons normal Vengeflies, it is best to kill them as quickly as possible. The longer they are around, the more difficult dodging the Vengefly King becomes, especially when it summons more Vengeflies. The Vengeflies provide an easy way to get SOUL.

There is enough time to heal immediately after dodging a Swipe attack.

Godmaster Content

Vengefly King is always unlocked in the Hall of Gods and the Pantheon of the Master, even if it was never encountered or fought anywhere outside of Godhome.

Vengefly King

Hall of Gods text: "I keep guard above a verdant land"
"Vicious god of territories"

Pantheon Pantheon of the Master, 1st boss
Health Attuned difficulty 450
Ascended difficulty 735 (left) / 430 (right)
Radiant difficulty
Arena changes One more Vengefly King spawns opposite to the side of the other Vengefly King on Ascended difficulty or above. No arena changes from the base fight.

Dream Nail Dialogue

  • ...Rage...
  • ...Defend...Kill...
  • ...Light...


The Vengefly King is first encountered in the northern part of Greenpath. It can also be fought in the Trial of the Warrior at the Colosseum of Fools.



Leave Zote to die.


  • If Zote is not rescued, then the Vengefly King in Greenpath cannot be fought. However, the Hunter's Journal entry can still be completed when one is fought in the Trial of the Warrior or in Godmaster content Godhome.
  • Despite having an unlock text in the Godmaster content Hall of Gods, it is impossible to see it in-game as Vengefly King's statue is automatically unlocked.
  • The Vengefly King can be killed with the Grimmchild, Weaversong, Dreamshield, and Flukenest Charms while it is still holding Zote. This is due to a coding oversight and the unique way in which they deal damage. If killed in this way, which does unlock the Hunter's Journal entry, the Vengefly King dies, rewarding its Geo, and Zote disappears entirely. Returning to the arena, both the Vengefly King and Zote are still there, unprovoked, as if they had never been encountered. Defeating the Vengefly King this way does not progress Zote's quest in any way.


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