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Godmaster Content

Pantheons are a mechanic added to Godhome. They feature a select set of bosses to combat before reaching the "Peak" of each Pantheon and facing the unique final boss of each challenge. Most bosses, with the exception of the final bosses, need to be defeated outside Godhome first before the Pantheon can be accessed that contains those bosses.

Completing the first three Pantheons also unlocks Godseeker Mode.

These are the exceptions to the general unlocking process:

  • God Tamer is unlocked regardless of whether she has been faced.
  • Hidden Dreams content Grey Prince Zote is skipped and does not count as an unlock requirement for the third Pantheon if he was not defeated in the base game, including if Zote was left to die.
  • Lost Kin, Soul Tyrant, Failed Champion and Hidden Dreams content White Defender are all automatically unlocked once their real-world counterpart is defeated.
  • Grimm Troupe content Nightmare King Grimm appears whether he has been faced or not and does not count as an unlock condition.
  • Vengefly King is always unlocked regardless of whether it was encountered.
  • False Knight is unlocked if he was skipped by breaking the left wall during his battle.


Bindings are optional challenges that can be applied to each separate Pantheon. Any combination of them can be applied. If all bindings are selected they glow a radiant yellow.

Completing Pantheons with bindings is required to access certain content such as extra Lifeblood Cocoons in each Pantheon's Hot Spring Room and the Land of Storms (see the respective pages for more information).


Reduces Nail damage to 80% or sets it to 13 if the damage is above 13. For Nail levels 1/2/3/4/5 the resulting damage values are 4/7/10/13/13 respectively. Nail Art damage is calculated based on this damage. The Coiled Nail and Pure Nail both provide the maximum amount of damage. The Fragile Strength Charm provides good compensation for the binding; it increases Nail damage to 6/10/15/20/20. (Note: This binding does NOT affect the damage of Nail damage based Charms, such as Sharp Shadow, Thorns of Agony and Dreamshield.)


Limits the Knight's maximum available Masks to four, but does not affect Lifeblood Masks or Masks granted by Fragile Heart/Grimm Troupe content Unbreakable Heart.


Unequips all Charms and prevents equipping them again.


Allows only 33% SOUL to be gathered and disables Soul Vessels, allowing for one Focus to heal or one Spell cast.


Pantheon of the Master

Seek the Gods of Nail and Shell
Features bosses that can usually be encountered very early on. The final boss is the Brothers Oro & Mato.

For more wave information, see Pantheon of the Master.
Pantheon of the Artist

Seek the God Inspired
This Pantheon contains bosses that can be fought early to mid game. The final boss is Paintmaster Sheo.

For more wave information, see Pantheon of the Artist.
Pantheon of the Sage

Seek the God of Wealth and Power
The bosses here are generally found mid to late game. The final boss is Great Nailsage Sly.

For more wave information, see Pantheon of the Sage.
  • Note: Grey Prince Zote's lock icon will not appear if Zote was neglected and left to die.
Pantheon of the Knight

Seek the Pure God
This Pantheon is unlocked after the previous three Pantheons have been completed. It has most of the late game bosses, including several which deal two Masks of damage. The final boss is Pure Vessel, a harder and faster version of the Hollow Knight.

For more wave information, see Pantheon of the Knight.
Pantheon of Hallownest

Seek the Kingdom's Forgotten Light
Access to this Pantheon is granted after the previous four Pantheons are completed and the Void Heart Charm has been acquired. This Pantheon contains all the bosses of the other four Pantheons, including their final bosses. Some of the bosses have a different arena or have a different variant, such as Sisters of Battle and Winged Nosk. Nightmare King Grimm can be encountered in this Pantheon as well.

Its final boss is Absolute Radiance, a harder version of the Radiance.

For more wave information, see Pantheon of Hallownest.

Pantheon Arenas

The Boss Arenas as they appear in the Pantheons:

Ascended/Radiant Arenas

Changed boss arenas as they appear in the Pantheon of Hallownest and the Hall of Gods on Ascended and Radiant difficulty:

Non combat rooms

Rooms in the Pantheons without any combat:


{S} Brotherhood
Complete the Pantheon of the Master.
{S} Inspiration
Complete the Pantheon of the Artist.
{S} Focus
Complete the Pantheon of the Sage.
{S} Soul & Shade
Complete the Pantheon of the Knight.
{S} Embrace the Void
Ascend the Pantheon of Hallownest and take your place at its peak.



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