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The Delicate Flower Quest is Grey Mourner's request to bring a Delicate Flower to the grave of the Traitors' Child.

Requirements and tips

  • Isma's Tear (or a very well-timed Super Dash) is needed to access the Queen's Gardens where the grave is located.
  • It is easier to do this quest before the Forgotten Crossroads become Infected, as the enemies are more difficult in the Infected Crossroads.
  • It is recommended to unlock the shortcut in the Queen's Gardens in the room two rooms east of the one containing the Traitors’ Child's grave, near the Stag Station.
  • The easiest but most time-consuming method to deliver the Flower is to pick a route from the grave to Grey Mourner and kill everything along the way without using a Bench. If the Flower is accepted after that, then there are only the enemies left along the route which respawn.
  • Being Overcharmed may be beneficial as the Flower is destroyed in one hit regardless.

Ways to Destroy the Flower

  • Taking any damage.
  • Riding the Stagways. Note that riding the Trams does not destroy the Flower.
  • Using the Hidden Dreams content Dreamgate.

Possible Routes

Quickest route

This route goes through the south part of the Forgotten Crossroads and through a large part of Fog Canyon. While it is the quickest route, it also contains various environmental hazards and enemies along the way, such as Charged Lumaflies and Goams.

Safest route

This route skips most of the Forgotten Crossroads and Fog Canyon, going instead through a small part of the City of Tears and the Fungal Wastes. It is the safest route because it skips most of the enemies and environmental hazards in the Forgotten Crossroads and Fog Canyon. However, this route is a bit slower than the quickest route.

Suggested Charms, Abilities and Upgrades

The following list shows charms, abilities, and upgrades that can be used to travel more safely in Hallownest:

Hidden Dreams content Dreamgate
Setting a Hidden Dreams content Dreamgate at Grey Mourner's Bench makes it possible to return quickly if the Flower breaks.

Nail Upgrades
Upgrading the Nail at the Nailsmith increases its damage, making defeating enemies easier.

Great Slash
This Nail Art deals 2.5x Nail damage in a very large range, making it useful for defeating enemies without having to get too close.

Fragile Strength/Grimm Troupe content Unbreakable Strength
Allows the Knight's attacks to deal more damage.

Longnail/Mark of Pride
These Charms increase the range of the Knight's Nail attacks, allowing them to remain farther away from enemies.

Grubberfly's Elegy
Allows for attacking from a longer range, decreasing the chance of being hit by an enemy from up close. The Charm's drawback is nullified as any damage taken ruins the Delicate Flower anyways.

Allows the Knight to cast Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul at any time, which can be used to pick off enemies without having to get close.

Shaman Stone
Increases the damage of Spells, allowing the Knight to even more easily pick off enemies.

Sharp Shadow
There are three spiky sections in the corridor that leads to the grave. Using the Sharp Shadow Charm gives the Knight’s dash extra distance, helping to get over the first jump.


Mask Shard x1 (given by Grey Mourner)


Bring peace to the Grey Mourner.


  • Blocking a hit with the Baldur Shell Charm equipped does not destroy the Delicate Flower, but avoiding damage with Grimm Troupe content Carefree Melody does.
  • Accepting the flower automatically sets the Knight's save point to the Bench outside the Grey Mansion.


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