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Hollow Knight Silksong

Benches are checkpoints throughout Hallownest that the Knight can sit on to perform several actions:

  • Respawn at the Bench after quitting the game or dying
  • Replenish all health (including Lifeblood Masks granted by Charms, but depletes all Lifeblood Masks from Cocoons)
  • Equip and unequip Charms
  • Fill out the Map with places already explored (requires purchasing a Quill)
  • If Salubra's Blessing has been purchased, the Knight slowly replenishes SOUL
  • Respawn enemies (not in the Bench room) that were defeated prior to sitting
  • Respawn Lifeblood Cocoons
  • Refill depleted Soul Totems

In some cases, Benches must be unlocked by paying a toll machine with Geo.

The Knight may purchase a Bench Pin from Iselda for  100, which marks the locations of all discovered Benches on any purchased Maps, along with those on Cornifer's map. If a Bench has a toll that has not been paid, the pin is greyed out.

Godmaster content Benches in the Pantheons' checkpoints are not respawn checkpoints after quitting the game or dying.

Toll Bench Locations and Prices

All bench locations in Hallownest


There are a variety of styles of Benches all throughout the game, with many unique to a specific area.


  • Occasionally The Knight can encounter NPCs on benches, these being:
  • The Crystal Guardian boss is first encountered sitting on a Bench. Attacking it starts the fight and it is not possible to rest at the Bench before defeating it.
  • A fake Bench found in Distant Village is set up by Distant Villagers to trap the Knight to bring them into Beast's Den.
  • The Bench in Leg Eater's location is actually a corpse that can be Dream Nailed, giving the line: "Why?"
  • A cut Bench called "ancient_bench" comprised of the bodies of dead Vessels existed in game files at one point, but was later removed.
  • Another cut bench named "Hornet_room_bench" also existed in the game files upon release. It was part of an unused room that was inaccessible and cannot be found in the game anymore.