Mark of Pride

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Mark of Pride is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It increases the range of the Nail by 25%.


Range differences given by Charms: Longnail alone gives 15% extra range, Mark of Pride alone gives 25% extra range, and both Charms together grants 40% extra range.
Nail range comparison

It is useful for keeping distance from more dangerous enemies and for performing safer Nail-bounces.

While it grants a longer range than the Longnail Charm, it is more challenging to acquire and has higher Notch cost.

The range of both Nail Arts and the beam from the Grubberfly's Elegy Charm are unaffected by Mark of Pride.

How to Acquire

In the Mantis Village, in a chest in a room northeast of the Mantis Lords arena. This room can only be accessed after defeating the Mantis Lords.

Charm Synergies

Grubberfly's Elegy
Increases the height of the projectiles from Grubberfly's Elegy by 35%.

Charm Combo Tips

Stacks additively with Longnail to increase Nail range by 40% total.

Quick Slash
Useful to keep enemies consistently within melee range while attacking.

Steady Body
Allows the Knight to keep the pressure on enemies who like to keep their distance.



  1. Does not affect the range of Nail attacks made while wall-sliding.