Nailmaster's Glory

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Nailmaster's Glory is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It reduces the time needed to charge Nail Arts.[Note 1]


With the Pure Nail's power to kill most base enemies in one hit, combined with this Charm's charging speed, many areas can be cleared incredibly quickly, making challenge rooms and backtracking much easier. It especially shines in the Colosseum of Fools, where it makes it easier to take down some of the tougher enemies.

Having Nailmaster's Glory unlocks new dialogue with Nailmaster Mato, Nailmaster Oro, Nailmaster Sheo, and Sly.

How to Acquire

Given by Sly after receiving all 3 Nail Arts from the Nailmasters:

  • Nailmaster Mato
  • Nailmaster Oro
  • Nailmaster Sheo

Unlocked dialogue

Nailmaster's Glory dialogue
Mato That charm...! Could it be?! Only the Great Nailsage himself could have bestowed such a thing!

Your achievements humble my own, my pupil. I myself have sworn never to lay eyes on the Nailsage again. Not until I have truly mastered his teachings.
But if you see him again, please... let him know that I am forever grateful.

Oro That charm you bear... It seems the Great Nailsage has deemed you skilled enough in the Nail Arts to earn his highest esteem.

I do not begrudge you his love. You have earned it.
And perhaps by helping you along your path, I have redeemed myself... if only a little.

Sheo That charm! Only the Great Nailsage could have given that to you...

Seeing how strong you've become... it almost makes me want to take up my nail once more.
But no, I should stay on my current path and keep working at my art. If the Great Nailsage ever comes by, I want to show him how far I've come.

Sly How are your travels, Nailmaster? As time goes by, I'm sure you'll only grow stronger.

If you see your fellow Nailmasters again, tell them I carry them in my thoughts always. And that they should come and buy something from their old teacher as a mark of respect.



  • The design of the Charm heavily resembles the head of the Nailmasters.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Without any Charms, Nail Art charge time is 1.35 seconds. With Nailmaster's Glory, it is 0.75 seconds.