Carefree Melody

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Grimmchild Carefree Melody

Carefree Melody is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It has a chance to block damage when the Knight is hit. Damage from environmental hazards cannot be blocked.


The block chance resets to 0% every time the Charm prevents damage and increases with each hit taken up to a maximum of 90%. The average block chance is ~22.46%.

The hit count does not reset upon death or when the Charm is unequipped, which makes it helpful in Godmaster content Radiant fights. The Charm is also particularly useful when no accessible means of healing are available.

Allows the effects of other Charms (such as Thorns of Agony) to continue through or activate alongside its own effect, save for Grubsong which requires taking actual damage.

How to Acquire

After banishing the Grimm Troupe, the Charm can be acquired from Nymm by listening to him in Dirtmouth.


The odds of the charm activating increase with each hit taken since it last blocked damage:

0 Hits Taken 1 Hits Taken 2 Hits Taken 3 Hits Taken 4 Hits Taken 5 Hits Taken 6 Hits Taken 7+ Hits Taken
0% 10.1% 20.2% 30.3% 50.5% 70.7% 80.8% 90.9%

Charm Combo Tips

Stalwart Shell
Applies Stalwart Shell's effect even when the damage is negated by Carefree Melody.

Thorns of Agony
Thorns of Agony still triggers even if damage was negated by Carefree Melody.

Baldur Shell
Carefree Melody's counter increases from hits to the shell and can protect it from damage when activated.

Carefree Melody can prevent damage from interrupting the regeneration of Hiveblood Masks.