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Godmaster Content

Challenge the Gods of Hallownest. Take your place at their peak.

Godseeker Mode is a game mode in Hollow Knight that is unlocked after completing the first three Pantheons in Godhome: the Pantheon of the Master, the Pantheon of the Artist, and the Pantheon of the Sage. Even though it is unlocked after these Pantheons, it "canonically" occurs after the Pantheon of Hallownest.[1]

The purpose of the game mode is having access to almost all bosses in the game and having most Charms and upgrades unlocked, without needing to play through the main game. Godseeker Mode starts out and takes place entirely in Godhome. There is no way to exit the area.


Inventory and Charms

Inventory and charms in Godseeker Mode


  • The first three Pantheons start out unlocked.
  • The cutscene that normally plays at the end of the Pantheon of the Knight after defeating Pure Vessel for the first time does not play.
  • The (non-flower) Embrace the Void ending cutscene does play after completing the Pantheon of Hallownest.
    • After the cutscene, the time spent completing the Pantheon is shown and the Knight wakes up outside the Pantheon.
    • The credits do not play after this cutscene.
    • The Completion percentage is not shown.

Hall of Gods

  • All bosses including Hidden Dreams content Grey Prince Zote are unlocked from the start, with the exception of the Absolute Radiance who needs to be unlocked by encountering her in the Pantheon of Hallownest.
  • The journal entry for Void Idol cannot be accessed since the Hunter's Journal does not exist.


  • The dialogue upon entering Godhome after selecting the game mode is different.
  • There is no dialogue when entering any of the Pantheons for the first time.
  • Godseeker is present in the first three Pantheons and has different dialogue compared to normal gameplay, though that dialogue is the same for all three Pantheons.
Pantheon of the Knight room before Pure Vessel
  • Godseeker does not appear in the Pantheon of the Knight before fighting Pure Vessel.
  • In the Pantheon of Hallownest, Godseeker only appears in the very first area after defeating Hornet Protector and has the same dialogue as in the other Pantheons. Godseeker is not present in the other locations.
  • After defeating the Absolute Radiance in the Hall of Gods, Godseeker has no dialogue unlike in normal gameplay.



  • Team Cherry added Godseeker Mode so that players who wanted to play Godhome could have a distinct save file for it that they could start whenever they wanted.[2]
  • When fighting the Traitor Lord in Godseeker mode, Cloth's grave is present in the arena, whereas in a normal playthrough, this only happens if Cloth aided the Knight in the normal boss fight.
  • In an early leak, the Godseeker Mode was shown with a different icon. While the select game icon has been changed, this old icon can still be seen when unlocking the new mode.