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The Map and Quill are Items in Hollow Knight. The map charts the various rooms, passages, and chambers within Hallownest.

To start mapping an area, an incomplete area map must first be purchased from Cornifer. If Cornifer is missed in an area (usually by defeating the area boss), Iselda sells the map of that area for a slightly higher price in Dirtmouth.

The entire map can be viewed by pressing INVENTORY and scrolling to the Map page. This can also be accessed by double-tapping QUICK MAP instead of navigating through the menu. Holding down QUICK MAP opens an overlaid map of the current area, allowing the Knight to walk around in the background while reading the map.

To complete the map, the Quill needs to be purchased from Iselda. After uncharted areas have been explored, a Bench needs to be rested at to update the map. Explored areas of the map appear as coloured segments with solid lines. Most of the time, entering a room fills the entire room on the map; however, some will only become partially revealed.

The Collector's Map

Acquired in the top of the Tower of Love (after defeating the Collector), this item grants the ability to see all the 46 Grub locations on the map, marked by a pin. This works just like the pins bought from Iselda's shop.

Mapping Tools

Item Description Cost

Used to record one's travels. Requires a map to be of any use.

You'll need this if you want to update your map with new area as you explore. It's essential for anyone serious about mapping!' - Iselda


Map of Hallownest, partially filled out by Cornifer. Without a Quill it can not be updated. Varies

Map and Quill
Map of Hallownest. When resting at a Bench or elsewhere, the quill can be used to update the map with newly discovered areas. When both Map and Quill are purchased

Wayward Compass
Highly recommended! If you're having trouble finding your way in the maze of ruins below us, try this charm.

It will pinpoint your location on your map. Incredibly helpful for finding your bearings in unfamiliar locations!


Lifeblood content Lifeblood Content

The 4 markers sold by Iselda can be placed on the map on the inventory screen. Each set contains 6 markers.

Scarab Marker
These markers are new additions to the shop. You can use them to mark interesting spots on your map!

The colour is quite soothing, don't you think?


Shell Marker
These markers are new additions to the shop. You can use them to mark interesting spots on your map!

You could use this colour to remind yourself of hard-won battles.


Gleaming Marker
These markers are new additions to the shop. You can use them to mark interesting spots on your map!

The material I used for this colour is quite rare, so it costs a little more.


Token Marker
These markers are new additions to the shop. You can use them to mark interesting spots on your map!

This understated colour makes me think of hunting underground for treasure...



Maps can be bought from Cornifer in each area, or, if the Knight misses him (usually by beating the area's boss before speaking to him), Iselda sells them in their shop in Dirtmouth for a slightly higher price.

Name & Description Cost (Cornifer) Cost (Iselda)
Ancient Basin

A map of the Ancient Basin, a land buried deep down at the bottom of the world.

 112  150
City of Tears

A map of the City of Tears, capital of Hallownest. Does water really fall from above the city? It sounds beautiful...

 90  120
Crystal Peak

A map of Crystal Peak, the huge shining mountain that looms behind Dirtmouth. My husband brought back some crystals from the mines along with the map of this area. What makes them shine so brightly?

 120  150

A map of Deepnest, a dark and dangerous area at the bottom of the world.
When my husband came back with a map he'd barely filled out I was annoyed, but then I saw how frightened he was! Poor thing.

 38  50
Fog Canyon

A map of Fog Canyon, which connects Greenpath to the Fungal Wastes. The air is thick there, so Cornifer found it difficult to find his way. Well, more difficult than he usually does.

 150  200
Forgotten Crossroads

A map of the Forgotten Crossroads, the area just below Dirtmouth. Cornifer dragged me down there once. It was an empty, lonely place but still quite impressive.

 30  40
Fungal Wastes

A map of Fungal Wastes, an area beneath the Forgotten Crossroads that is choked with fungus. My husband brought some mushrooms back from there and tried to cook them. The stench was hideous!

 75  100

A map of Greenpath, a verdant area of Hallownest close to the surface. Apparently the water there is deadly to the touch!

 60  80
Howling Cliffs

A map of the Howling Cliffs, which look over Dirtmouth. Cornifer told me that the winds got so loud there he couldn't hear himself speak. Which begs the question...Why was he speaking to himself?

 75  100
Kingdom's Edge

A map of Kingdom's Edge, all the way out at the end of the world. My husband...He travels to such distant places, while I stay here in town.

 112  150
Resting Grounds

A map of the Resting Grounds, a sacred place not far from the Crossroads. Cornifer told me he found the area serene and calming, but it sounds a bit spooky to me. No Thanks.

N/A  75
Royal Waterways

A map of the Royal Waterways, the pipes and chambers below the City of Tears. It sounds like Cornifer really enjoyed exploring the area, though he was damp and shivering when he returned.

 75  100
Queen's Gardens

A map of the Queen's Gardens, a royal sanctuary close to Greenpath. Cornifer sometimes calls me his Queen...Usually only when I'm angry though.

 150  200

Map Pins

Iselda's Pins

Most map pins are used to mark locations on the map. Many are sold by Iselda in Dirtmouth, while others will have their unlock condition noted.

Item Description Cost Condition

Whispering Root Pin
Cornifer has been telling me about these strange whispering roots he's been seeing. I made him some pins so you can record their locations yourself.  150 Acquire Dream Nail

Warrior's Grave Pin
Cornifer told me he's found some interesting looking graves and shrines in the depths. You can use these pins to mark down any interesting graves on your map. Go and pay your respects.  180 Acquire Dream Nail

Stag Station Pin
These pins will mark any Stagway Stations you've visited. They must have been very lively places when the stags still travelled through them.  100 Open first Stag Station

Tram Pin
Those trams sound like awfully advanced machines. Those ancient bugs must've been a clever lot.

These pins should be perfect for recording a tram stop's location.

 100 Acquiring Tram Pass

Vendor Pin
Use these pins to mark shopkeepers or any other interesting bugs you find on your travels.

Every so often, you should pass by and see how they're doing. I'm sure they'd like that.

 100 Encountering Cornifer

Hot Spring Pin
I designed these pins to keep track of the kingdom's hot springs.

I haven't visited any myself... I wonder if Cornifer might take me sometime? I'm sure you'd make better use of these pins 'til then.

 100 Encountering Cornifer

Cocoon Pin
Have you seen those beautiful blue cocoons? I made these pins so you can keep track of them.

The cocoons are pretty, but very delicate. Please be careful around them.

 100 Encountering Cornifer

Bench Pin
These pins will mark benches and other rest spots on your map. Useful if you're exhausted and just need to find somewhere to sit!  100 Encountering Cornifer

Other Pins

These pins are placed on the map after achieving specific conditions.

Item Description Condition

The Collector's Pin
Marks the locations of all Grubs not yet rescued. Defeating the Collector and obtaining The Collector's Map

The Knight's Pin
Marks the location of where the Knight is currently. Equipped Wayward Compass

Shade's Pin
Marks the location of where the Knight last died as well as being where the Knight's Shade is. When the Knight does not have their Shade

Temple of the Black Egg Pin
Marks the location of the Temple of the Black Egg. Inspecting the fountain in the City of Tears

Dreamers' Pin
Marks the location of all three Dreamers. Inspecting the shrine in the Resting Grounds

Hidden Dreams content Dreamgate Pin
Marks the location of where the Dreamgate is currently placed. Having a Dreamgate currently placed

Grimm Troupe content Flame Pin
Marks the locations of all unobtained flames. Taking part in the Grimm Troupe's ritual and wearing Grimmchild

Vendor Pins

Sly Iselda Jiji/Jinn Grubfather The Hunter
Leg Eater Millibelle Nailsmith Lemm Salubra
Colosseum Godmaster content Godseeker Seer

Dreamer Pins

Monomon Lurien Herrah


Acquire a map of each area.


  • In some areas, the map displays the Knight to be in a different location than that it should.
  • The White Palace and Godmaster content Godhome are not displayed on the map. Despite this, the game still registers when a new place in these areas was discovered and announces an update to the map when sitting on a Bench.