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Grubs are creatures found trapped in glass jars throughout Hallownest. They can be freed from their jar after which Grubfather grants a reward for each Grub that is saved.

When close enough to their location, a faint crying noise can be heard in their general direction. The Grubs talk in high-pitched babbles and cannot be listened to.

They can be freed by breaking the jar with the Nail, after which the Grub burrows into the ground and returns to Grubfather. Obtaining the Collector's Map after beating the Collector shows the locations of unfreed Grubs on purchased Maps.

There are 46 Grubs to be found in total. Rescuing 23 or more Grubs rewards the Grubfriend achievement, while rescuing all 46 Grubs rewards the Metamorphosis achievement.

Rewards and locations

Trapped Grubs can be found all across Hallownest. Rewards are based on the total number of Grubs saved, not which Grubs have been saved.

Grubs' rewards and locations
# Location Map Requires Reward
1 Forgotten Crossroads Defeat Husk Guard  10
2 Forgotten Crossroads -  20
3 Forgotten Crossroads Breakable wall  30
4 Forgotten Crossroads Nail-bounce  40
5 Forgotten Crossroads Mothwing Cloak (or Nail-bounce) Mask Shard
6 Greenpath Throw off a moss block  50
7 Greenpath -  60
8 Greenpath Defeat Moss Knight  70
9 Greenpath -  80
10 Fungal Wastes Mothwing Cloak Grubsong
11 Fungal Wastes Mantis Claw  90
12 City of Tears -  100
13 City of Tears Defeat Great Husk Sentry  110
14 City of Tears Desolate Dive  120
15 City of Tears -  120
16 City of Tears Mantis Claw

Monarch Wings (or Nail-bounce)

Rancid Egg
17 Crystal Peak Mantis Claw

Crystal Heart

18 Crystal Peak Mothwing Cloak

Mantis Claw

19 Crystal Peak Mantis Claw

Crystal Heart/Monarch Wings

20 Crystal Peak Mothwing Cloak

Monarch Wings (or Nail-bounce)

21 Crystal Peak Mothwing Cloak

Mantis Claw

22 Crystal Peak Mothwing Cloak  180
23 Crystal Peak Mothwing Cloak

Mantis Claw

Desolate Dive

Hallownest Seal
24 Resting Grounds Desolate Dive  200
25 Royal Waterways -  200
26 Royal Waterways Crystal Heart

Monarch Wings (or Nail-bounce)

27 Royal Waterways Isma's Tear  210
28 Howling Cliffs Mantis Claw  215
29 Kingdom's Edge Desolate Dive  220
30 Kingdom's Edge Mantis Claw  220
31 Fog Canyon Crystal Heart Pale Ore
32 Queen's Gardens -  230
33 Queen's Gardens Mantis Claw

Crystal Heart

Monarch Wings (or Nail-bounce)

34 Queen's Gardens Mantis Claw  240
35 Deepnest Mantis Claw

Breakable wall

36 Deepnest Mantis Claw

Crystal Heart (or Nail-bounce)

37 Deepnest Breakable Wall

Monarch Wings/Crystal Heart

38 Deepnest Mothwing Cloak

Mantis Claw

King's Idol
39 Deepnest Mothwing Cloak

Mantis Claw

40 Ancient Basin Mothwing Cloak

Monarch Wings

41 Ancient Basin Desolate Dive  270
42 The Hive Desolate Dive

Isma's Tear

43 The Hive Crystal Heart

Monarch Wings (or Nail-bounce)

44 Tower of Love Love Key  295
45 Tower of Love Love Key  300
46 Tower of Love Love Key

Grubberfly's Elegy

Dream Nail Dialogue

  • ...Home...


Rescue half of the imprisoned grubs.
Rescue all of the imprisoned grubs.



The Vitruvian Grub
Grub Care Instructions
  • It is possible to come across a Grub Mimic trapped in a glass jar that transforms and becomes hostile when freed. The easiest way to check if it is an actual Grub is to Dream Nail them. Grubs always say "...Home..." but Grub Mimics say "...Kill...", "...Empty..." or "...Other...".
  • Within the Tower of Love, there is a secret area that can be accessed by jumping into a hidden gap within the ceiling along the hallway of the Grubs. This reveals a mysterious piece of art known only as the "Vitruvian Grub" in the game's files. This is likely a reference to the Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing “The Vitruvian Man”, which represents the ideal human body proportions.
  • Grubs were designed by Makoto Koji, the voice actress of Hornet and various other female characters.[1][2] The Grubs were voiced by William Pellen.[1] The Grubs' sounds are based on the Pikmin creatures' sounds from Pikmin.[3]
  • The 2017 Collector's Edition of Hollow Knight included "Grub Care Instructions", a document written by Team Cherry that included more information about Grubs.[4]


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