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– Grubfather

Grubfather is an NPC in Hollow Knight. He is an elderly Grub who bemoans the loss of his children.[1]


Grubfather is the ageing patriarch of a colony of Grubs who make their home in a room in the Forgotten Crossroads.[3] Grubs are harmless creatures who have a good sense of direction and are highly skilled tunnelers.[4] They are known to collect shiny things in their burrows, such as Geo and Relics.[3]

Due to mysterious reasons, all of Grubfather's children disappeared. The Grubs can be found trapped in jars in various locations throughout Hallownest, locked there by the Collector.[5]

In-game events

When Grubfather is first encountered, he is crying as all the Grubs have been taken from their dens. When returning after freeing Grubs, Grubfather grants rewards such as Geo and other items according to how many Grubs have been saved.

After all Grubs have been rescued and the rewards collected, returning to Grubfather reveals that all the Grubs are gone from their holes, and Grubfather is now lying in the centre of the room, his stomach extremely bloated. The muffled noises of Grub chatter can be heard from inside him. This appears to be part of the life cycle of Grubs where they will metamorphose into a Grubberfly.[6][7]


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Dream Nail Dialogue

  • Happy...happy...happy!!!


Grubfather is found in the northwest corner of the Forgotten Crossroads in a room full of small Grub dens; this room is referred to as the "Grubhome" in an official map.[8]



Rescue half of the imprisoned grubs.
Rescue all of the imprisoned grubs.


  • After all Grubs have been freed and Grubfather is lying in the centre of the room, he can be hit with the Nail. This deals no damage and only makes Grubfather laugh.
    • Down-striking with the Nail causes the Knight to launch extra high.
  • Grubfather is one of the few NPCs who can be "hit" with the Nail without taking damage.


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