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Team Cherry is an indie games developer in Adelaide, South Australia. Their mission is to build crazy, exciting worlds for players to explore and conquer.[1] Hollow Knight is the first release by Team Cherry. Their team initially formed around game jams, but they bonded over their love for Zelda 2. Though they have all worked on games in the past, Hollow Knight is the culmination of the things they love in games.[2] In 2017, they started working on the sequel to the original game: Hollow Knight: Silksong.[3]

Ari Gibson

Ari Gibson.png

Ari is a co-director of Team Cherry. He previously ran the animation studio Mechanical Apple and has worked on countless projects across film, games and music videos. Ari's been modding games from before computers were colour and has loved them since his first-ever game rental: Faxanadu for NES.[1]

Ari is responsible for game design alongside William. He creates the art, environments and animates hundreds of bugs.[4]

William Pellen

William Pellen.png

William is a co-director of Team Cherry. He's been designing and building games for years, creating crazy worlds for people to poke around in and explore. He's loved games ever since his Dad found the wing boots for him in Zelda 2, and wants to recreate that experience of adventure and excitement for other people.[1]

William designs the games along with Ari. He creates the enemy, boss and game behaviour.[4]

Jack Vine

Jack Vine.png

Jack is Team Cherry’s supremely talented coder. Jack’s been building out the systems, tightening and optimising and adding a suite of all new exciting features. Jack has worked with Team Cherry for some time now, being instrumental in Hollow Knight’s console releases and the development of its huge final free Content Pack, Godmaster.[1]

David Kazi

David Kazi.png

David is a former member of Team Cherry who was responsible for Hollow Knight's technical direction. He divided his time between making the game run and fixing things that Ari and William broke.[4] He left Team Cherry in 2017 after he was offered a corporate job.[5][6]

Special mentions

The following people are not technically part of Team Cherry but work for them as contractors.

Christopher Larkin

Christopher Larkin is responsible for composing the music and sound of Hollow Knight and its sequel. He has worked extensively across television, film, and games. He's also locally based in Adelaide, so he's able to work really closely with the team and the game.[7]

Matthew ‘Leth’ Griffin

Matt handles PR and marketing for Hollow Knight. He's previously worked in this role for Stardew Valley, Interstellaria and Wanderlust Adventures. Matt is also a game creator himself, working as the main coder for Wanderlust and the online-multiplayer coder for procedural platformer Risk of Rain.[8]

Hari "Graig" Dimitriou

Graig Dimitriou was Team Cherry's former Lead Playtester, and also voices Sly. He is currently Lead Director at Sunshine Festival Studios.


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