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Rancid Eggs are Items in Hollow Knight.


A collectable item recovered from the corpses of Bluggsacs. Either an already-dead Bluggsac has to be found or a living one has to be killed to make it drop a Rancid Egg. Once a Bluggsac has been killed, it remains dead, even when resting at a Bench.

Can be given to Confessor Jiji to summon the Shade that is currently in the game world.

In Steel Soul Mode, Steel Soul Jinn replaces Jiji and can be given Rancid Eggs in return for  290-449.

How to Acquire

  • An infinite amount can be bought from Tuk for  80-100 in the Royal Waterways but she does not sell anymore if the Knight has 80 Eggs (Only in normal mode)
  • 1 on Tuk's corpse (Only in Steel Soul mode)
  • 1 given by Tuk if wearing the Defender's Crest Charm (Only in normal mode)
  • 1 bought from Sly for  60 in Dirtmouth
    • Shop description:
I found this under the counter. Some creature must have laid it here while I was stuck down in the ruins.
I suppose you could buy it? I won't miss its sour odour.


  • Tuk does not allow the Knight to purchase a Rancid Egg if they have 80 or more Eggs in their inventory. Rancid Eggs from all other sources, including the one offered by Tuk with the Defender's Crest, can still be obtained, allowing for another 21 Rancid Eggs for a total of 101.
  • Despite the Eggs being considered inedible, it is implied that both Tuk and Confessor Jiji eat them.