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For the major game update, see Voidheart Edition.
Kingsoul Void Heart

Void Heart is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It causes Siblings, Void Tendrils, and the Shade to become passive. It also unlocks 4 Endings and allows entry into the Godmaster content Pantheon of Hallownest.


This charm replaces the Kingsoul Charm and cannot be unequipped. However, it no longer has Kingsoul's effects, nor does it use any Notches.

Having Void Heart unlocks new dialogue with Confessor Jiji, Steel Soul Jinn, the White Lady, Hornet, and Bardoon.

How to Acquire

Found in a secret area at the bottom of the Abyss known as the Birthplace. The area's entrance only opens if the Kingsoul Charm is equipped. At the end of the area is an egg which, upon being hit with the Dream Nail, reveals a memory of the Knight involving Vessels and the Pale King. It is after traversing this memory that the Kingsoul is changed into Void Heart.

Unlocked dialogue

Void Heart dialogue
Bardoon Ohhhmmmm... Tiny thing... It evolves beyond that Wyrm. Such union in a single being. A strength before unseen. Would it too challenge nature? It could perhaps defeat it.
Confessor Jiji after defeating the Shade Ooohhhh. My masters would be impressed...

Rare it is for one to come to terms with their regrets so completely, yet you seem to have managed it.
What darkness must one wade through to achieve such a thing?

Steel Soul Jinn This It... A rare It. Has not seen many, so vulnerable, but triumphant. Makes Jinn feel a thing... surprise?

Jinn misjudged... The It is not inferior. Perhaps... different? Different to Jinn. More complete? Different... like masters?

White Lady That pulsing emptiness... Truly, it has been transformed by the revelations it found.

Does it... feel anything? Triumph? Or hate? If it does, I cannot sense it.
The fate of our Kingdom, our Hallownest... that future belongs to you now.

Hornet outside the sealed Black Egg I'm impressed little ghost. You've burdened yourself with the fate of this world, yet you still stand strong.

To break the Dreamer's seals would alone be considered an impossible task, but to accept that void inside yourself, that casts you as something rather exceptional.

Hornet outside the unsealed Black Egg The path is opened. One way or another an end awaits inside.

I won't be joining you in this. That space is built to sustain your likes. Its bindings would drain me were I to join.
Don't be surprised. I'll not risk my own life in your attempt, though if the moment presents I'll aid as I'm able.

Hornet outside the unsealed Black Egg, listening again Ghost of Hallownest, you possess the strength to enact an end of your choosing. Would you supplant our birth-cursed sibling, or would you transcend it?
Hornet Dream Nailed ...Could it achieve that impossible thing? Should it?


{S} Void
Remember the past and unite the Abyss.



  • It is not possible to die during the climb up the Abyss after which Void Heart is obtained. Damage can be taken after being hit by spikes, but the Knight's health never runs out.
    • The Knight also has infinite SOUL during the climb.
  • Void Heart is the only Charm that does not use up a charm Notch and is also the only charm that cannot be regularly unequipped by the Knight.
    • Godmaster content The only time Void Heart can ever be unequipped is when using the Charm Binding in the Pantheons.
  • Void Heart is automatically equipped once obtained without the need to sit on a Bench.
  • When Void Heart is obtained, a distorted version of the normal sound for getting items and abilities is played, similar to obtaining Salubra's Blessing.
  • While the egg in the Birthplace can be hit with the Dream Nail from either the left or right side, the Dream Nail hitbox is only on the reflective part of the egg.
    • The egg stops showing a reflection of the Knight after obtaining Void Heart.