Glowing Womb

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Glowing Womb is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It uses SOUL to spawn Hatchlings which deal 9 damage to enemies on contact.


A build using this Charm should be Nail-focused and efficient at dodging, as there is less SOUL to use for healing or casting Spells and having a passive assistant in combat may be useful.

How to Acquire

Glowing Womb can be acquired in the Forgotten Crossroads. The entrance is hidden to the right of the False Knight arena in the ceiling after a series of columns. There is a spike tunnel that can only be traversed after the Crystal Heart has been acquired. The area where the Charm is acquired is Infected even before triggering the Infected Crossroads. The Charm itself is found on the body of a giant Aspid Mother.

The area itself is littered with Aspid Hunters and Aspid Mothers, both of which also show up in an arena where a fair number of them need to be fought before Glowing Womb can be acquired.

Charm Synergies

Defender's Crest
Lowers Hatchling contact damage by 5, adding it back in the form of a 1-second dung cloud that does ~5 damage.[Note 1] Already spawned Hatchlings change only when entering another room.

Fury of the Fallen
Increases any spawned Hatchlings' contact damage by 5 when at 1 Mask. Already spawned Hatchlings change only when entering another room.

Charm Combo Tips

Balances with the Charm's income of SOUL meaning that there will always be SOUL available to create Hatchlings.



  • When resting on a Bench, the Hatchlings rest on the ground after a few moments.
  • Due to a bug, Hatchlings do not target Galien.
  • Hatchlings despawn after removing the Charm and exiting the Charm configuration screen.
  • Hatchlings despawn when using the Stagways.
  • Hatchlings carry over when challenging a boss in Godhome, despite not appearing to. They immediately charge towards the boss and attack. It is currently unknown whether this is a glitch or intentional.
  • Due to a bug, Hatchlings target False Knight's empty armour.
  • When riding lifts, sometimes Hatchlings spawn in the floor and get stuck.
  • In the Hollow Knight Press Kit the Hatchling's file is titled "knightling".
  • If the Knight has either the Grimmchild or Carefree Melody Charm equipped, the Hatchlings try to attack Millibelle at her bank in Fog Canyon. This deals no damage, but does prevent the Knight from using her banking service, unless Grimmchild is in its first Phase.
Regular Hatchling Regular Hatchling Resting Explosive Hatchling Explosive Hatchling Resting


  1. The Defender's Crest + Glowing Womb clouds deal damage every 0.2 seconds.