Shape of Unn

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Shape of Unn is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It allows for moving while using Focus.


Movement is limited; it is not possible to jump or use any movement abilities during this time and there is still a startup and ending animation for the Focus.

Since Shape of Unn makes the Knight smaller and shorter, it is possible to avoid attacks from certain bosses by ducking under them when healing. For example, this works for the Mantis Lords Dash attack, however, it does not work for Godmaster content Paintmaster Sheo's Paint Spear attack.

How to Acquire

Acquired from Unn beneath the Lake of Unn. Requires Isma's Tear.

Charm Synergies

Quick Focus
When focusing, doubles the movement speed of the Shape of Unn form (6.0 -> 12.0).



  • The Knight does not change shape when using Focus to kill the Dreamers or absorb the Infection from the Hollow Knight.
  • This Charm turns the Knight into a snail while using Focus. Using it in combination with Baldur Shell and Spore Shroom changes how the snail body looks in addition to granting the Charm combo.

Shape of Unn default

With Baldur Shell

With Spore Shroom

With both