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Sheo Paintmaster Sheo

Godmaster Content

Skilled and respected master of the nail. Always eager to learn new things.

"O God inspired, master of arts,
Whose works shall eternal endure,
Peer beyond Our minds and hearts,
Reveal to Us the God most pure!"

– Prayer to the Artist

Paintmaster Sheo is a quest boss in Hollow Knight, introduced in Godmaster. He sits at the top of the Pantheon of the Artist in Godhome.

Behaviour and Tactics

During his battle, Paintmaster Sheo uses the following attacks/manoeuvres:

  • Great Slash: Paintmaster Sheo holds his brush over his head, charging this attack while a white aura flares around him. Sheo then slashes downward with his paintbrush, slamming the ground, which creates a damaging column of paint. Finally, blobs of paint start falling in random locations around the arena. This attack is indicated by his paintbrush turning magenta.  
  • Paint Spear: Paintmaster Sheo raises his brush behind his head, and then lunges a small distance forwards while creating a long javelin-like paint slash that reaches 70-80% of the arena. This attack is indicated by his paintbrush turning yellow.   
  • Paint Stomp: Paintmaster Sheo leaps into the air, freezing at the apex of his jump to swipe his paintbrush downwards creating six paint blobs that fall in parabolic arcs. He then stomps downward, following a linear path from his jump's apex to the floor below, creating a small paint-splash. This attack is indicated by his paintbrush turning red.
  • Paint Splash: Paintmaster Sheo slashes the ground with his paintbrush, creating three paint blobs that travel in parabolic arcs, each landing a different distance from Sheo. This attack is indicated by his paintbrush turning blue.
  • Roll: Paintmaster Sheo rolls backwards or forwards, covering around 40% of the arena. Sheo usually uses this between attacks to re-position himself away from the Knight.
  • Leap: Paintmaster Sheo Leaps a short distance to navigate the arena.

Stagger Values
Description: Sheo takes a knee and plants a fist into the ground.
Hits: 12
Combo: 9 Combo Time: <1s per hit

Paintmaster Sheo is the final boss of the Pantheon of the Artist, the second of five Pantheons located in Godhome. He uses different colour paint blobs to attack, and his signature Nail Art, the Great Slash, is performed during his Great Slash attack. Unlike Oro and Mato, he does not use a great nail and he can be staggered, requiring 12 hits.

Paintmaster Sheo rarely stays still. He moves before attacking and during every attack: he rolls away from the Knight if they get too close (within one Knight's height of him) after an attack (and then he still may move before attacking again); if the Knight gets too close and Sheo is near the edge of the arena, he jumps out of the corner before attacking.

A well-timed Shadow Dash means the Knight can always dash through incoming paint in every attack, including the Paint Spear attack. Shadow dashing is best to do when the Knight is just about to get hit by paint. Due to Sheo's size, the Sharp Shadow Charm is useful, especially if the Knight gets stuck in a corner.

Spells such as Howling Wraiths/Abyss Shriek can deal massive damage to Sheo when he is in the air. Desolate Dive/Descending Dark can be used for invincibility and to damage Sheo when he is close. Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul is a great way to damage Sheo from a distance.

Nail Arts (especially Great Slash and Dash Slash) are a good response to all of Sheo's attacks, especially if using the Nailmaster's Glory Charm. This lets the Knight have a Nail Art ready after every attack.

It is best to stay on the ground for every attack except when dodging the Paint Spear.

Paintmaster Sheo's attacks happen quickly, so the Quick Focus Charm is highly recommended. Healing is even easier when Quick Focus is combined with Shape of Unn, as the Knight can heal while moving around and dodging paint blobs. This combo allows for safe healing during any of the Paintmaster's attacks except the Paint Spear attack.

However, there are always opportunities to heal without the help of Quick Focus. The Knight can heal during every attack: while Sheo charges and during the explosion of the Great Slash; during the Paint Stomp attack (this requires proper spacing within the gaps between blobs or dashing through Sheo when the attack starts); during the Paint Splash (again, this requires proper spacing in the gaps between the blobs; do NOT stand under Sheo); and during the Paint Spear (by shadow dashing through Sheo first). The Knight can heal 2 or more Masks when Sheo is staggered.


Paintmaster Sheo

Hall of Gods text: "I hone my craft at a Pantheon's peak"
"Talented god of artists and creators"

Pantheon Pantheon of the Artist, final boss
Health Attuned difficulty 950
Ascended difficulty 1450
Radiant difficulty
Arena changes Same arena as the Pantheon fight. No difficulty differences.

Dream Nail Dialogue

  • What is a god, if not an artist?
  • It's the greatest power, isn't it?
  • Are we all seeking something different?



{S} Inspiration
Complete the Pantheon of the Artist.


  • Sheo loses all paint stains on his apron the moment he engages the fight.
  • Sheo's arena is slowly covered by splatters of the different coloured paint released from his attacks.
  • At the beginning of the fight, Sheo can be seen painting the Godseeker's mask.
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