Vengeful Spirit

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Vengeful Spirit Shade Soul

Vengeful Spirit is a Spell in Hollow Knight. Using it conjures a spirit that flies forward and damages enemies.


Press FOCUS/CAST or QUICK CAST without holding UP or DOWN to launch a projectile that passes through enemies and deals damage. The projectile passes through invulnerable parts of an enemy, such as a shield or shell, but will not damage a fully protected enemy.

Before any other Spells have been acquired, Vengeful Spirit is cast regardless of the direction being held.


  • The Flukenest Charm turns Vengeful Spirit into a horde of baby flukes that bounce around dealing damage. This is particularly powerful up close, and damage falls off with distance.
    • When combined with the Defender's Crest Charm, launches a single large fluke that explodes into a damage-dealing cloud of gas.
  • The Shaman Stone Charm increases the size of the projectile and the damage dealt by 33%.[Note 1]
  • The Spell Twister Charm lowers the SOUL cost to cast Vengeful Spirit to 24 SOUL.
  • Can be upgraded into Shade Soul.

Damage Values

Charm Damage
None 15
Shaman Stone 20
Charm Damage Per Hit Total Damage
Flukenest 4 36
Flukenest + Shaman Stone 5 45
Charm Impact Damage Cloud Damage Total Damage
Flukenest + Defender's Crest 3 1 26
Flukenest + Defender's Crest + Shaman Stone 3 1 32

How to Acquire

It is given by the Snail Shaman located in the Ancestral Mound in the Forgotten Crossroads.


  • A cut inventory description for Vengeful Spirit can be found in the game's files:
"A desire for revenge is seared into the SOUL of those who fell in battle or were wronged in life. A Shaman can concentrate this desire and cast it out into the world to burn away whatever stands before them."
  • With the Vengeful Spirit Spell, the Elder Baldur blocking the way to Greenpath can be killed. This is the intended way to access the rest of the areas in the game.
  • Vengeful Spirit pushes the Knight backwards slightly. This allows crossing some gaps that would otherwise be impassable without assistance; for example, in Greenpath, it is possible to skip to the ledge where Hornet is first encountered.
  • After obtaining Vengeful Spirit, the Knight's SOUL is completely refilled when they wake up.


  1. The width of the projectile is increased by 30% and the height by 60%.