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Flukenest is a Charm in Hollow Knight. It replaces the Vengeful Spirit/Shade Soul Spell with a horde of damaging flukes.


Using Flukenest is primarily a preference-based decision, as range and consistency have to be sacrificed for approximately double damage. Flukenest's main advantage is the massively increased damage compared to not having it, which can be helpful for bosses. Likely due to a coding mistake, after a fluke bursts, its hitbox continues to exist for 1 second. Because of this, enemies can be damaged more than once, potentially dealing significant amounts of damage.

Wearing it unlocks extra dialogue with Godmaster content Fluke Hermit.

How to Acquire

Dropped by Flukemarm in the Royal Waterways when defeated.

Unlocked dialogue

Flukenest dialogue
Godmaster content Fluke Hermit Gla! Wualala!

Mother! M-mother! Gla gla gla! Little sisters... grow grow grow!
Gla gla... Mother...
Am I... Mother...? Gla gla...

Charm Synergies

Defender's Crest
Replaces the horde of flukes with one massive, volatile fluke that does 3 impact damage and explodes into a dung cloud that lasts 2.2 seconds and deals ~22 damage.[Note 1]

Charm Combo Tips

Shaman Stone
Shaman Stone increases the damage to 5, resulting in a total damage of 45 with Vengeful Spirit and 80 with Shade Soul. Fluke projectiles are also, on average, 31.9% bigger.[Note 2] Shaman Stone only affects the Defender's Crest + Flukenest combo by increasing the damage frequency, allowing for ~29 damage.[Note 1]



  • This Charm does not damage the Hollow Knight or the Godmaster content Pure Vessel (except when they are in the air).
  • The flukes change appearance depending on the Spell and whether Defender's Crest is equipped.
Summoned Fluke Fluke with Shade Soul Volatile Fluke, spawned by using Defender's Crest


  1. 1.0 1.1 Without Shaman Stone, the Defender's Crest + Flukenest combo deals damage every 0.1 seconds. With Shaman Stone, it deals damage every 0.075 seconds.
  2. Without any Charms, the size multiplier for the fluke projectiles is a random number between 0.7 and 0.9. With Shaman Stone, the multiplier is a random number between 0.9 and 1.2.