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Screenshot of the pause menu, featuring several Silksong tools.

Tools are a special type of collectible in Hollow Knight: Silksong giving Hornet both offensive and defensive abilities.


Tools are equipped using Crests. Each Crest allows for unique combinations of different types of Tools and each also alters the look of Hornet's health bar.

List of Tools

Four categories of Tools have been revealed so far. The red category Tools are presumably limited use consumables. These Tools can be refilled after sitting on a Bench and doing so costs Shell Shards. The effects of the yellow and blue categories are unknown. A possible fourth white category was shown in the interview from Edge Magazine's February 2021 edition which appears to be related to Silk abilities.

White Tools

[Missing information]

Red Tools

Limited use consumable tools that require Shell Shards to be replenished at Benches. [Missing information]

Tool Description Uses Refill Cost

Straight Pin
Light throwing tool, designed for quick, rapid attacks. 12 4 Shell Shards

An upgrade to the Straight Pin. Throws out 3 projectiles in a spread pattern as opposed to 1. 12 X Shell Shards

Sting Shards
Throws out a projectile that suspends itself mid-air. It can be utilised to Needle-bounce and reach platforms. Reminiscent of the traps that Hornet Sentinel lays out in her fight. 8 X Shell Shards

Throws out a small flying familiar. X X Shell Shards

Explodes on impact or when ignited by its fuse. Dangerous to friends and foes alike. 6 X Shell Shards

"Saw Blade"
Throws out a small projectile that falls to the ground, takes a moment to deploy, and then forms into a saw that travels forwards and deals continuous damage to all enemies in its path. X X Shell Shards

"Lifeblood Syringe"
Uses a syringe that grants 2 Lifeblood Masks. X X Shell Shards

Likely another version of the Caltrops. X X Shell Shards

Possibly another version of the Bone Boomerang. X X Shell Shards

Throws out 4 projectiles that fall to the ground and damage any enemy that steps onto them. Can deal damage multiple times. 8 X Shell shards

"Bone boomerang"
Can be thrown regularly, but will also change trajectory when hit in certain ways X X Shell shards

"Throwing drill"
Throws a projectile at a downward angle. It pierces enemies and bounces off walls. The projectile breaks after 4 hits. 12 X Shell shards

Hornet performs a downward drill attack. 8 X Shell shards

Blue Tools

The properties of blue tools aren't known. [Missing information]

Tool Description

The effects and properties of this tool aren't known. It may be related to acid somehow, as it looks similar to Isma's Tear.

The effects and properties of this tool aren't known. It may be related to the Weavers somehow, as it looks like a Weaver.

The effects and properties of this tool aren't known.

Yellow Tools

[Missing information]

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