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Fast Travel is the method of travelling directly from one Area to another. As the Knight progresses through the game, they encounter three methods of Fast Travel: Stagways, Trams, and Hidden Dreams content Dreamgate.


The Stagways are an interconnected system of tunnels throughout Hallownest that link different areas together via Stag Stations. The Knight can traverse the Stagways with the help of the Last Stag, who also gives a bit of information about each location when listened to.

Most stations require activating a toll machine with Geo. Not every area has a Stag Station.

After unlocking a Stag Station, the nearby bell must be hit with the Nail to summon the Last Stag. This must also be done every time an open Stag Station is reached other than the one that was last used.

A Stag Station Pin may be purchased from Iselda for  100, which marks the locations of every discovered Stag Station on any purchased Maps, along with those on Cornifer's map.

Locations and Prices

Name Last Stag's dialogue Cost
City of Tears (City Storerooms) "I remember this station well. A common trip it was. Goods from all over the kingdom were transported here."  200
City of Tears (King's Station) "Named of course for the King of Hallownest, he who ordered the building of the stagways and stations.

The King never rode the stagways himself, but I've heard he was a glorious bug to behold, bright and radiant in visage, so much so it hurt to look at him."

Deepnest (Distant Village) "I have never been to this station. It has a strange air of danger to it."  250
Dirtmouth "This place was once full of travellers coming and going. It seems much quieter now." N/A[1]
Forgotten Crossroads "It was a long time ago, but I remember when these highways and crossroads pulsed with life. These are the paths I first carried passengers through when I was young."  50
Fungal Wastes (Queen's Station) "This place was a bustling hub of travel, well-placed for travellers visiting the outer edges of the land."  120
Greenpath "My, this place much changed since I last saw it. The greenery grows so wild the station's like to be consumed by it."  140
Howling Cliffs (Stag Nest) "I've found it! the Stag Nest, where I was born and raised.

None may remain to welcome us, but the nest is still a sight to behold!"

Queen's Gardens "I'd almost forgotten this station existed. It was not often used by the common bugs, being a well-guarded retreat for our late Queen."  200
Resting Grounds "Passengers would come here to conduct rituals for those who had passed on..." N/A[3]
Hidden Dreams content Palace Grounds (Hidden Station) "What station is this, hidden all the way at the bottom of the world?

Until I heard the bell calling, I didn't even know the Stagways travelled so deep.
No matter how old I grow, the world still keeps surprises like this stowed away..."

  1. Becomes available when any other Stag Station is unlocked. Can only be opened from the inside.
  2. Becomes available when all other Stag Stations are unlocked. The call bell is broken, with no option to pay a toll.
  3. Does not require Geo, only to flip a large lever on the ground.


A Tram is a transit vehicle that allows the Knight to fast travel using the tunnels deeper underground where Stag Stations may not reach. Requires the Tram Pass from Deepnest. If the Tram is approached before acquiring the pass, the description simply reads: "A door with an open slot."

There are two Tram tunnels: an upper Tram that connects the southeast end of the Forgotten Crossroads to the southwest end of the Resting Grounds, and a lower Tram that connects the southeast part of Deepnest, the northernmost part of Ancient Basin and the southwest entrance of Kingdom's Edge.

After interacting with a Tram slot for the first time or acquiring the Tram Pass, a Tram Pin may be purchased from Iselda for  100, which marks the locations of all discovered Tramways on any purchased Maps, along with those on Cornifer's map.

This is the only form of fast travel that does not destroy the Delicate Flower upon use.


Tram Connects Image
Upper Tram Forgotten Crossroads to Resting Grounds
Lower Tram Deepnest to Ancient Basin to Kingdom's Edge
Failed Tramway Non Functioning

Hidden Dreams content Dreamgate

Main article: Dreamgate

An Ability granted by the Seer after acquiring 900 Essence. Allows the Knight to place a Dreamgate at almost any location in Hallownest, after which they can warp back to that location an indefinite number of times, costing 1 Essence per warp. Only one Dreamgate can be placed at a time.


Open half of Hallownest's Stag Stations.
Open all of Hallownest's Stag Stations and discover the Stag Nest.



  • Dialogue from the Last Stag hints at a rivalry that existed between the Trams and the Stagways. He mentions that it is foolish to consider that a machine could do the same as the Stags.
  • If the Knight uses a Stag Station or Dreamgate while carrying the Delicate Flower, the flower is destroyed. However, Trams can be used without destroying the Flower.
  • The Stagway for the Resting Grounds has a toll of  50 in the game files, however, this toll was removed from the game probably due to the possibility of the Knight getting stuck.