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For more information on the NPC found in the Ancestral Mound, see Snail Shaman.
There's something powerful about this creature's aura, but it doesn't seem malicious.

The lands of Hallownest are filled by several groups of strange sentient creatures. They occupy various territories around the vast kingdom and developed their own societies and cultures aside from the Pale King's rule.

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The Snail Shamans are a mysterious tribe of snail creatures with a natural affinity to cast Soul Spells.[1][2] Their knowledge of Soul allows them to craft Charms such as Soul Catcher, Soul Eater, and Shaman Stone to draw Soul from still-living creatures[3][4] and increase the power of Spells.[5] Because of these abilities, one of them was captured by the Scholars of the Soul Sanctum and experimented on. They can also sense when their dreams are read with a Dream Nail, and absorbing their remains allows the Knight to upgrade their Spells. Their abilities with Soul also include a "Spiral Focus",[6] though what this truly is, is unknown.

The shamans are reclusive,[7] and meditate in mounds hidden away in the Forgotten Crossroads, the Fog Canyon and the Crystal Peak. They also have a crypt in the catacombs below the Resting Grounds. They however never ventured down the Abyss,[8] despite its connection to the civilisation that left Soul Totems scattered throughout Hallownest.[9]

Only one of them can be found alive by the time of the Knight's journey. While he is eager to help those seeking him out, he is unaware of the fate of his brethren and family, being bound to his mound.[7] The shamans' power is also stated to be shunned;[6] possibly by the kingdom of Hallownest, though it is unclear why.

Dream Nail Dialogue

Crystallised Mound Snail Shaman


Overgrown Mound Snail Shaman


Snail Shaman Grave in the Resting Grounds

  • ...Let me rest...



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