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Hollow Knight Silksong

The original soundtrack for Hollow Knight: Silksong is being composed and performed by Christopher Larkin, and a few other artists. A sample track was first officially shared on the game's official website,[1] and a sample album of two tracks was released on Bandcamp for Team Cherry's 2019 holiday sign off blog post.[2]

Sample Album


These tracks are a sample from the music for the upcoming Hollow Knight: Silksong and its official soundtrack.
Release dates
  • December 13, 2019
Featured Soloists
  • Violin: Lachlan Bramble
  • Violin: Emma Perkins
  • Viola: Linda Garrett
  • Cello: Gemma Phillips

Track Listing

Title Composition Usage
Single track Lace
Single track Bonebottom

Not Featured on the Album

Title Usage
Sample from the official website Game menu theme