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Seals are magical formations which appear in both Hallownest and Pharloom. They have various functions and features.



A typical seal's appearance

Seals are white-glowing formations which consist of interconnected lines and geometric shapes. Some seals contain stylised imagery of certain characters such as the Hollow Knight. Most seals do not automatically appear but require certain actions before they are revealed, such as attacking an object or a character.


Several seals are shown to protect living beings or inanimate objects from damage. Seals might also exist to block access to certain areas or to trap somebody in a specific place. The only named seal, the Grimm Troupe content Seal of Binding, is used to contain a powerful force or preserve something of great importance.[1] In some cases it is unknown what the function of a specific seal is.



Black Egg entrance

Seals play a major role in Hallownest's history. The seals of the Dreamers were part of the Pale King's plan to seal the Radiance away. Three powerful bugs were chosen to enter an eternal sleep.[2] They became seals on the entrance to the Black Egg to protect the Hollow Knight inside.[3][4]

When the Infection returned and the Hollow Knight weakened, the Dreamers' seals still remained.[5] Their seals can only be broken if their minds are accessed and they are killed inside their dream.[6]


Hornet was taken to Pharloom in a cage by bugs of the Citadel's caste.[7] This cage was protected by a seal.[8] At some point in the journey, a white flying bug appeared which landed on the cage and broke the seal.[8] This eventually led to Hornet's escape into Moss Grotto.[8]

Seal Types

Access blocking seals

Seals which block access to a certain area or object or which exist to trap somebody in a specific place.

Abyss gate seal

This seal shows up when the closed door to the Abyss is attacked with Spells before getting the King's Brand. The seal contains a stylised version of the Pale King's head. It no longer shows up when the door is opened after obtaining the King's Brand.

Black Egg seal

A large seal appears on the door to the Black Egg under various conditions. This seal depicts a stylised image of the Hollow Knight's head and a stylised version of the Pale King's head above it. In between the Hollow Knight's horns is a sun-like symbol.

When the Dreamers' seals are intact, this seal shows up when attacking the door with Spells. After all Dreamers' seals are broken, this seal flashes briefly before the door breaks apart. It is also seen during the Hollow Knight ending and the Sealed Siblings ending where it forms on the door after the Knight is sealed inside the Black Egg. A Dreamer is not necessary for this seal to exist.

The seal when using a Spell on the door
The seal in the Hollow Knight and Sealed Siblings endings
Black Egg Dreamers seals

The Dreamers' seals on the Black Egg only show up when a Dreamer's seal is broken after they are killed in their dream.[9] The mask on the door starts shaking and the seal is shown flickering. The seal then flashes in a bright flash of light and disappears along with the lit-up mask on Black Egg.

Dreamer shrine seals

When first approaching the Dreamer shrine in the Resting Grounds, these seals appear around the shrine, blocking the way out. After the Dreamers send the Knight into a forgotten dream and the Dream Nail is obtained, these seals no longer show up.

Godmaster content Pure Vessel arena seals

These seals appear on the sides of Pure Vessel's arena, where they prevent leaving the arena. They consist of two types of overlapping seals which show up when approaching the sides. The wider seal appears first after coming closer to the edge, then the thinner seal appears over this seal when standing right next to the edge. The seals can be wall climbed on.

Damage protection seals

Seals which protect somebody from being damaged by physical weapons or Spells.

Dreamers' physical body seals
The seals on the Dreamers' physical bodies partially appear when approaching their bodies. They show up fully when their bodies are attacked with either Spells or Nail strikes. After the Dreamers are killed in their dream, these seals no longer appear.
The Hollow Knight seal

A seal appears over the Hollow Knight's body while they are sealed in the Black Egg. It shimmers occasionally even when the Hollow Knight is not attacked, but it can be seen fully if the Hollow Knight's body is attacked while the chains are intact. This seal shatters after the four chains around the Hollow Knight are broken. It also forms on the Knight when they are sealed in Black Egg in the Hollow Knight ending and Sealed Siblings ending.

Seal on the Hollow Knight
Seal on the Knight
White Lady seal

The White Lady has a seal over her body which only shows up when she is attacked with a Spell.

Seal of Binding

The Seal of Binding is an intricate seal of ancient design and the only named seal in Hallownest.[1] Its main distinctive feature is the stylised head of the Hollow Knight at the top of the seal. In its Hunter's Journal entry, this seal is described as being used to contain a powerful force, or to preserve something of great importance.[1]

Grimm Troupe content Path of Pain
The full version of the Seal of Binding is shown at the entrance to the Path of Pain. The Hunter's Journal entry of the Seal of Binding is granted at the end of the Path of Pain.
Sideways version

The Seal of Binding as seen from the side is used in three different locations. It used to prevent the Knight from leaving the Kingsmould room in the Path of Pain and the arena of the Hollow Knight. The sideways version also blocks access to the beginning of the White Palace after having entered the atrium area, and the hallways branching from the atrium area after having activated their respective switches.

Weavers' Den

An unfinished or a prototype version of the Seal of Binding can be found in a hidden room in Weavers' Den. It is missing several lines and geometrical shapes that are present in the full seal.

Miscellaneous seals

Seals which do not fit into any other section.

Beast's Den shrine seal
A seal is shown when using a Spell on the being in Beast's Den. The sprites in this room contain the word "shrine" in their name. It is unknown what the purpose of the seal is.
Hornet cage seal
There is a seal on Hornet's cage in which she was taken to Pharloom.[8] A small flying bug breaks this seal, after which Hornet ends up escaping.[8]
King's Brand seal

When approaching the egg-like structure which contains the King's Brand, a fading seal appears over the structure. It does not react to Spells or Nail strikes. This seal disappears after the Knight obtains the King's Brand.

Grimm Troupe content Path of Pain Kingsmould room seal

This seal is present in the background of the final challenge room in the Path of Pain, where two Kingsmoulds are fought. The stylised head of the Hollow Knight can be seen at the top of the seal, and a sun-like image at the bottom.

Possible seals

The following formations do not look anything like the other seal designs. They may be seals, but this has not been confirmed.

Essence seal
This seal is shown when using the unawoken Dream Nail on the Kingsmould corpse in the Palace Grounds. It also shows up on the Dreamers in their dreams. It fades away after approaching the Dreamer.
Grimm Troupe content Grimm seal
When Troupe Master Grimm is sleeping and Grimmchild is equipped, he can be Dream Nailed to start the fight with Nightmare King Grimm. If he is Dream Nailed without having Grimmchild equipped, a seal shows up which consists of red Essence.
Grimm Troupe content Grimm Troupe tent seal

After defeating Troupe Master Grimm, a secret room at the top of the Grimm Troupe's main tent can be accessed. If a Spell is used in this room, a red glowing seal shows up. The sprite names in this room refer to the structure in the middle as a "chart".

Shade Beast seal

This seal shows up when using the unawoken Dream Nail on the Shade Beast in the room where the Shade Cloak is obtained. Once the Dream Nail has been awoken, this seal no longer appears.


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