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Hollow Knight Silksong

This is a complete list of all enemies in Hollow Knight. See Bosses for a list of only boss enemies. See Damage Values and Enemy Health for a complete list of enemies' health values.

The caverns of Hallownest boast a vast array of bizarre creatures, most either Infected or determined to kill any intruders. All enemies, with exceptions, can be listed in the Hunter's Journal.


Main Game

Crawlid Vengefly Vengefly King Gruzzer Gruz Mother

Tiktik Aspid Hunter Aspid Mother Aspid Hatchling Goam

Wandering Husk Husk Hornhead Leaping Husk Husk Bully Husk Warrior

Husk Guard Entombed Husk False Knight Maggot Menderbug

Lifeseed Baldur Elder Baldur Mosscreep Mossfly

Mosskin Volatile Mosskin Fool Eater Squit Obble

Gulka Maskfly Moss Charger Massive Moss Charger Moss Knight

Mossy Vagabond Durandoo Duranda Aluba Charged Lumafly

Uoma Ooma Uumuu Ambloom Fungling

Fungoon Sporg Fungified Husk Shrumeling Shrumal Warrior

Shrumal Ogre Mantis Youth Mantis Warrior Mantis Lords Husk Sentry

Heavy Sentry Winged Sentry Lance Sentry Mistake Folly

Soul Twister Soul Warrior Soul Master Husk Dandy Cowardly Husk

Gluttonous Husk Gorgeous Husk Great Husk Sentry Watcher Knight The Collector

Belfly Pilflip Hwurmp Bluggsac Dung Defender

Flukefey Flukemon Flukemarm Shardmite Glimback

Crystal Hunter Crystal Crawler Husk Miner Crystallised Husk Crystal Guardian

Furious Vengefly Volatile Gruzzer Violent Husk Slobbering Husk Dirtcarver

Carver Hatcher Garpede Corpse Creeper Deepling Deephunter

Little Weaver Stalking Devout Nosk Shadow Creeper Lesser Mawlek

Mawlurk Brooding Mawlek Lightseed Infected Balloon Broken Vessel

Boofly Primal Aspid Hopper Great Hopper Grub Mimic

Hiveling Hive Soldier Hive Guardian Husk Hive Spiny Husk

Loodle Mantis Petra Mantis Traitor Traitor Lord Sharp Baldur

Armoured Squit Battle Obble Oblobbles Shielded Fool Sturdy Fool

Winged Fool Heavy Fool Death Loodle Volt Twister Zote

God Tamer Xero Gorb Elder Hu Marmu

No Eyes Galien Markoth Wingmould Royal Retainer

Kingsmould Sibling Void Tendrils Hornet Hollow Knight

Radiance Shade Hunter's Mark

Hidden Dreams Content Hidden Dreams content

Grey Prince Zote Winged Zoteling Hopping Zoteling Volatile Zoteling White Defender

Grimm Troupe Content Grimm Troupe content

Grimmkin Novice Grimmkin Master Grimmkin Nightmare

Grimm Nightmare King Seal of Binding

Lifeblood Content Lifeblood content

Hive Knight

Godmaster Content Godmaster content

Flukemunga Pale Lurker Nailmasters Oro & Mato Paintmaster Sheo Great Nailsage Sly

Pure Vessel Void Idol Weathered Mask

Enemies without Journal Entries

The following enemies don't have a proper Journal entry, or any entry at all.

Godmaster content Absolute Radiance Enraged Guardian Failed Champion Fluke Larva Hornet Sentinel

Lost Kin Godmaster content Sisters of Battle Hidden Dreams content Revek Soul Tyrant Godmaster content Winged Nosk

Godmaster content Turret Zoteling* Godmaster content Lanky Zoteling* Godmaster content Head of Zote* Godmaster content Fluke Zoteling* Godmaster content Zote's Curse*

Godmaster content Heavy Zoteling*

* This enemy has no official name.

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